Flowing Into February ~ Jan 31, 2020

We close Jan today with  a Void of Course Moon all day, good for routine tasks, slow-mo, leisure, creative and spiritual pursuits. Save important dates and purchases for tomorrow – or after 7:28pm ET tonight…

An overview:  Mercury turns Retrograde on Feb 16, so you have two weeks to make major purchases, sign contracts, make plans and back up your data. Use the rhythm of the Universe as a calendar by which you align your life, as much as possible. Be sure to read my free Mercury Retrograde  report so you know how to prepare – and utilize the Retrograde energy when it arrives.

With all planets Direct now, we are moving along at a rapid pace! Good for getting things done with an unobstructed flow.  On Feb 2, Venus sextiles Pluto, activating magnetic sparks of passion and desire.

Venus is beauty, harmony, receptive “yin” energy, while Pluto is deep, powerful, intense. Mesmerizing. Intimate. Breakthroughs. Profound creativity and connection. All are possible if you take actions and open to the vibe. Wow.

The energy shifts when M ercury moves into Pisces on Feb 3, where it will stay

through early March as it goes forward, then retraces its steps in Retrograde. Mercury in Pisces is creative, mystical, compassionate, intuitive and sees the world through its own lens. Like Monet painting.

Think of great poetry, photos, music, art or stories and that’s indicative of a mind channeled thru dreamy Pisces. Go beyond the linear left-brain and view life via imagery, feelings, visions and in technicolor!

Feb 3 is a perfect day for agreements, plans, purchases and sales or anything to do with relationships/creativity as Venus sextiles Saturn, creating stable, harmonious and practical plans/actions. Venus brings the beauty, love and $$, while Saturn makes things stick. Commitment. Vows. Structures. If there’s anything you want to make happen, this is a great day to do it.

Another sparkling day arrives on Feb 5 as Mercury sextiles Uranus (genius). A sextile is harmonious, planets in cooperation, facilitating opportunities for the best of both together. Mercury and Uranus invite brilliance, communications that open new doors or that birth visionary messages/viewpoints.

This is a fabulous day for brainstorming, meetings, writing and connections of all kinds. Allow your Higher Mind to come through to advance your life, work or any stuck area with a revolutionary solution!

We are amping up next week to a Full Moon in Leo on Feb 8/9 (PT/ET), so the emotional energy will build noticeably from Feb 6 on. Easy does it as you do it! There is so much flowing energy available for you to make changes anywhere in your life that is calling for renewal – or a shift.

Take advantage of it, as Saturn has separated from Pluto, the Eclipses are over and we’re in the month where Mercury in Pisces goes forward and then Retrogrades on Feb 16. Flow forward and you’ll turn back to go over this territory to tweak anything that needs an adjustment.

It’s amazing what resilient Beings we are, living through these intense times. Appreciate yourself and enjoy this week of possibilities and magic.

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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