Flowing from February into March – February 24, 2023

Feb 24 – This week may feel like a mix of nothingness, completions, cleansing, clearings and endings, along with the stirrings of “what is” or “what will be” emerging behind it, all within the flowy waters of multi-dimensional Pisces. Don’t overthink this – your mind can’t provide the answers you seek. Go higher, into your intuition and Higher Self to rise above 3D and tune in. 

If you’re not clear about your direction, pay attention to what’s leaving your life (or what needs to) and let it go. Don’t cling to anything that is past its expiration date or is leaving. Stay open to messages and opportunities from the universe and others (verbal and non-verbal) and notice what resonates with you, as they are breadcrumbs on your trail. 

You may be amped up by Venus and Jupiter in Aries, ready to pursue a path, a relationship, a venture or project, thinking/feeling: all systems GO! Explore to get more info and see if it’s worth pursing, but don’t push or try to force solutions to fill empty spaces or quell uncertainty (it won’t work). If something is for you, it will remain in your consciousness and more will be revealed at the appropriate time.

There are no major aspects for the rest of February, just imperceptible movements that you  feel on an intuitive and sensory level. When you are uncertain, there’s no need to know what’s happening in the moment – rather, focus on your dream or intention (peace, evolution, awakening or a particular outcome) and take any appropriate actions to support it if you’re clear. But remember, Saturn will leave Aquarius to enter Pisces on March 7, so sit with whatever you can to see if it’s still aligned when the Master of Reality arrives in dreamy Pisces. It may be viable and more will be revealed…

Enjoy the spaciousness this week and allow your internal operating system the upgrade or correction it needs and is making. You may experience a purge via physical symptoms, emotional releases, drop unproductive habits or lack interest in old ideas, behaviors, relationships, topics or areas of life. Trust what feels in alignment with the evolving You, as you release old masks that hid your deeper truth.

March 1 – Venus conjunct Jupiter. The two benefics join  to create excitement and enthusiasm via a positive, proactive mindset, inviting $$, opportunities, attention and blessings. Venus-Jupiter in Aries is a fiery duo, seeking to fulfill passions and desires. Direct the energy with high intentions and bold actions that will expand your world by pursuing something meaningful to you and watch what shows up! 

The more open you are to receiving, the more you can attract blessings into your orbit, as your optimism is magnetic. Receiving is a stretch for independent types in Aries that are more “I do it” than “we”-oriented, so remember to allow goodness in when it comes your way. 

March 2 – Mercury conjunct Saturn. Mercury (mind) and Saturn (structure) conjoin at 29º Aquarius, to initiate a reset for your mental processing, an upgrade, or fresh mindset, which you may not fully appreciate until later when you realize how your thinking and outlook has evolved. You may begin a new project, make plans, and begin a new cycle of ideas and opinions. It’s a good time to clean up loose ends re: paperwork, business or communications. This may be a day of silence where you bring ideas into form and create new ways of communicating. It offers productive, focused energy if you choose to make use of it. Clear, concise, organized, constructive.

Later on March 2, Mercury enters Pisces, that stimulates your intuitive channel, imagination and sensitive nature. This is a portal of energy to download ideas from a higher, more creative space, to access visions that call you forward. What a gift!

When you can appreciate what’s happening with curiosity and wonder – and trust that it’s in Divine Order, leading to  something productive, you will benefit tremendously and add to the collective Light in the world. Fearing change, the unknown and uncertainty can lead you down a rabbit hole of anxiety, stress and contraction, in the bunker, sheltering for protection.

When you contract you go back to sleep. Please have the courage to awaken and rise to a new awareness, for yourself and your contribution to humanity, for the Greater Good.

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. 

“It might look like I’m doing nothing, but on a cellular level I’m quite busy.” ~ Anonymous

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