Flowing Forward – June 1, 2018

We are moving right along in the lively, social energy of Gemini, that loves community, connection and conversation! Positive energy that is available for you.

We begin the week with a Grand Trine in Water (feelings/intuition) with Venus (love), Neptune (Spirit/dreams) and Jupiter (abundance) connecting in harmony. This energy exudes compassion, lovingkindness and supports creativity, spirituality and a big picture with insight and vision. The gift of water is receptivity, so allow Goodness to flow in and out.

It’s a good time to take actions towards your dreams and to allow yourself to expand into a “big picture” view. The Full Moon in Sagittarius energy is still reverberating and Jupiter rules it, so shift into Higher Self possibilities where inspiration lives (rather than fear).

At the same time, Mercury (mind) is flowing with Mars (action) giving extra drive to speak up, think forward, and be persuasive in taking a position or asking for what you want. Stake your claim and know there may be a lot of info/action. This day is golden!

We have three days in the coming week where the Moon is Void of Course all day:  Sat, Mon, Thurs. That’s a lot! Be mindful when making dates or taking actions that require a specific outcome – and don’t do those things on the Void Moon. Click the link above to get the info about how the MVOC works. I have a tool that can help.

We are moving along now, but that will change by month’s end. Here are some major dates:

* June 13 – New Moon in Gemini (new beginnings)

* June 18 – Neptune Retrograde (dreams)

* June 26 – Mars Retrograde (action) for two months!

* June 27 – Full Moon in Capricorn (with Saturn)

Here’s my advice. Take actions to begin anything you’re thinking of now. Plant seeds, have conversations and get info. Be open to unexpected info or opportunities and be willing to make changes when needed.

Once Mars turns Retrograde (for two months!) you’re going to be going back over whatever you were doing from mid-May through late June.

We’ll all be in the same boat together, and this is a time to redo, tweak or adjust wherever necessary. Don’t make it a drama. Just get clear about what is in front of you and do your work.

Saturn in Capricorn demands commitment and methodical actions, but it doesn’t have to be hard. You just have to be focused and responsible.

And by Wed/Thurs, Mars is on the South Node (past) so don’t be surprised if something or someone from “before” shows up back in your life. Use your new evolved Self and thinking to make decisions accordingly.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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