Final week Venus Retrograde – January 21, 2022

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This is the final week of Venus Retrograde and we still have Mercury Retrograde until Feb 3, inviting you to reassess and reprogram whatever needs correction or revision in your life – especially quality of life issues, $$ and relationships (Venus). Your comfort is determined by living in alignment with your values and this is the time to see if how you are living matches what you say you love.

Don’t squander this precious downtime for reorganization and a slower pace that allows you to reexamine your systems and structures, and to decide what you want for your future. In this dramatic time of transformation, the energy is ripe for a makeover or fresh start, wherever you are feeling it.

With Uranus Direct, it can instigate a spark that enlivens you and propels you forward, so pay attention to creative impulses or sudden changes that you feel ready to make. This can activate your nervous system and speed things up as well, so regulate your energy by grounding via spiritual practices (meditation, yoga), being in nature, listening to music or by moving your body. Epsom salt baths with lavender essential oil is a soothing balm for feeling wired. Don’t get jammed up with electric energy that has no outlet, or you will be stressed out…

On Jan 23, the Sun is conjunct Mercury and is at the halfway point of its Retrograde. You may receive new info, insights or new perspectives that open up a path for you. Stayed tuned for messages, verbal and non-verbal, from guides seen and unseen. You never know who your messengers will be, so pay attention!

On Jan 24, Mars enters methodical Capricorn (where it is exalted) and can accomplish tasks in strategic, practical ways. This is great energy for creating clear direction – planning, organizing, creating structures and working on a process. Step one, two, three… no skipping, no shortcuts. That’s Capricorn. Thorough, careful, solid actions that will help you create desired outcomes as long as you follow the rules and regulations (also Capricorn :)).

On Jan 25, Mercury Retrogrades from innovative Aquarius back into Capricorn until Feb 14. This can bring up issues you were dealing with in late Dec / early Jan – and can give you the opportunity to review plans, ideas, actions you’ve taken to see if they still make sense and are sustainable. Capricorn is cautious, rather than impulsive, so as not to make mistakes. Use this energy to check on schedules, financial details (upcoming taxes), insurance, what you want to build and need for security.

The Nodes of the Moon have moved to the Taurus-Scorpio axis, which means that the North Node (where we’re going collectively) is in Taurus, focused on security, $$, comfort and pleasure. The South Node (what we’re meant to let go of) is in Scorpio, ruling drama, what’s hidden, power, control, other peoples’ $$ and the shadowy underworld. Money and resources will be a major focus over these next 18 months. Stay tuned and take good care of you and yours.

This is a great week for practical actions and to undo/redo, as one of my mentors says. Take it slow, be deliberate, ground yourself, decide that All is well and do the next right thing. Do not get caught up in drama, as that will drag you down. If you need help, reach out and ask. Look for your angels – seen and unseen, as they are all around you!

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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