Final week of Sun in Sagittarius – Dec 14, 2018

We are now in an energetic opening – a doorway to the future and a time for change. I realize that holiday season is not the usual time to focus on creating your future, but I encourage you to give it attention now.

This is the final week of the Sun in Sagittarius – sign of beliefs, truth, freedom and high ideals. Mercury (mind) and Jupiter (expansion) are in Sagittarius too, activating big ideas, conviction and confidence – all major factors needed for effective creating, and a blessing after all the confusion we’ve been through!

Sagittarius can help you stretch beyond old fears and familiar paradigms to be willing to try something new. This is a good time to say “yes” to your inner guidance and take advantage of this upbeat energy by following your heart. Let this energy lift you up!

Saturn has moved past its shadow (where it turned Retrograde last April) and is now moving into fresh territory, ready to build new structures, and the call is for you to embody new levels of responsibility and/or to evolve your Inner Authority. Build, grow, step into a new level of empowerment.

You create the way you experience life. If you need to make changes, this is the time – with commitment, optimism and the help you need to make it happen. Neptune, Mars and Chiron (Wounded Healer) are in Pisces all week with an abundance of feelings and connection to your dreams.

Use this energy and allow your dreams to inspire you! Mars in Pisces is non-confrontational flowy movement, and Chiron brings up old, unhealed wounds/issues to be healed, released and/or integrated with compassion for yourself and others.

Now is the time. Stop ignoring what’s not working and do something so you are free to move forward without the burden of the past still in your space. Old non-working patterns hold you hostage, but they are NOT you! It is safe to leave the “family myth” of who you were told you were, which holds these old patterns in place.

This weekend and Monday Venus sextiles Saturn, supporting practical ways to fulfill your desires and Mars sextiles Pluto, giving you extraordinary power and will to make things happen. If you have the intention and are willing to make the effort, you can create changes that will serve you in 2019 and beyond.

The momentum will be building all week as we approach next Friday’s Winter Solstice, with the Full Moon in Cancer the following day. So we are in the waxing energy of the Moon as it expands toward fullness. Use this powerful time to stretch joyfully and mindfully. Your evolving Self with thank you!

Namaste, friends. We’re all in this together.


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