Final Week of Aries – April 12, 2024

We enter the final week of Aries in the wake of the Chiron Total Solar Eclipse in Aries that rocked us with its impact, whether you experienced it visually (live or via replay), consciously or whether you missed seeing or being aware of it at all. It affects the collective, as we travel thru the Wormhole (a tunnel between two vastly different realities) until the New Moon in Taurus on May 7. With Mercury Retrograde in Aries thru April 25, this period is fertile for course corrections and reorganization on a profound level.

Watch to see where you land in consciousness and what, if any, old wounding patterns you face – and free yourself from as the weeks unfold. Realize that you can release old outdated beliefs, attitudes, behaviors, stories, structures or relationships that diminish you or limit your life. If you need help, reach for it, as this is an auspicious time in which your wholeness and evolution is supported.

On the April 11 Mercury Cazimi (Mercury conjunct the Sun), you may have received an insight, info, connection or Divine message to guide you forward with newfound clarity and confidence. Give yourself space to journal, contemplate, meditate or be in silence to allow downloads to come through, even post-Cazimi. There is such an abundance of energies available, you never know when a revelation may appear, so create space to allow for Divine Guidance ongoing throughout this week.

Mercury conjoins Chiron on April 15 and this is a favorable time to clean up hurtful words, erroneous mental patterning, ego defenses that separate you from others, self-righteous or “less-than” beliefs about yourself and such. Duality thinking (us/them) is a lower expression of 3D – and you can shift into a higher perspective as the observer, like an astronaut viewing the earth from space. You can be a witness without buying into a “side” on an emotional level – that’s how you get caught in the matrix.

A great Mercury-Chiron healing is to forgive someone (or yourself) and take responsibility for your actions if you want to make a quantum leap forward in your growth. If you need to make amends, do so. What are you telling yourself that undermines your confidence, clarity, happiness, belief in possibilities, your safety and well being? Your beliefs either expand or contract your world and you want to feel empowered. There is so much help out there if you need it.

On April 17 – Venus conjunct the North Node of Destiny in Aries propels you to pursue what brings out the best in You! Your independence, your value, what you value – it will be personal, relative to what makes your heart sing, and you won’t need permission, agreement or approval to follow your heart. This is “Me” time; what brings out the best in You will benefit all who care about and connect with You. It’s a win-win, even if it appears to be Self-centered (a healthy paradigm). When You are at your best, You elevate all those around You!

All week we are leading up to the major Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus on April 20, a lucky, expansive aspect that implies a beneficial change that can open up your world. This combo creates unexpected opportunities, resources, connections and activates sudden twists, turns and events that seem to come out of the blue!

Your personal chart will determine the likelihood of impact the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction has on you, but we’ll be feeling it all week, so if you get a sudden windfall or lucky break, that’s probably why. This occurs at 21º Taurus – more about this next week…

Be open to changes and know that nothing is permanent, as we are experiencing multidimensional shifts that have not yet settled. Impeccable Self-care is required, especially for sensitive nervous systems and  extra space will serve you well.

If you experience a plot twist – even a *positive* one – it can be a jolt to your system to acclimate to the new setup, so don’t underestimate the effect that new circumstances have on your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.    

Be willing to release old identities that no longer fit where you are being led. No matter what you think is happening, trust that All is in Divine Order and more will be revealed as you move forward.

“Blessing allows room for the expansion of who you are and who you are becoming.” ~ AlixSandra Parness DD

“Rest and laughter are the most spiritual and subversive acts of all. Laugh, rest, slow down.” ~ Anne Lamott 

“Our separation from each other is an optical illusion.” ~ Albert Einstein

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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