Final week Mercury Retrograde – Nov 30, 2018

We enter the final week of Mercury Retrograde until it turns Direct on Thurs, Dec 6. Two personal planets change signs this week (Mercury and Venus) – and one changes direction (Mercury). Feel how the shifting energies rearrange and redirect your focus and your life.

Mercury leaves optimistic Sagittarius to back into Scorpio on Dec 1 thru Dec 12, digging deep for insights or fact-finding that will serve your life going forward. There may also be situations from October (when Venus was in Scorpio), that will finally be resolved. Be on the lookout.

Uranus opposes Venus later today, that can activate unexpected love connections, changes in desires, style, or new realities that call you to take action. Be willing to explore and don’t be rigid. This is a time of change!

On Sunday Dec 2, Venus leaves harmonious Libra and moves into passionate Scorpio, fueling your desires with a shot of adrenaline and intensity. Use this energy to get clear about your desires – and then be open to finding ways to manifest them.

The Sun squares Mars in Pisces later on Sunday, so follow your intuition and be in flow, rather than forcing anything. If you experience someone trying to push or manipulate you to get their way, you don’t have to react. You can shape-shift and move beyond the fray.

If you’re ready, use that Mars square Sun energy to manifest something you want. No fighting, no pushing. Direct your energy with intention and actions to make it work for you. When you are in  reaction you give your power away, so be deliberate.

All week we’ll be in the dark of the Moon, preparing for a New Moon in Sagittarius, which occurs early Friday morning, Dec 7 EST. And Mercury is Retrograde until Thurs, Dec 6, so it’s a good time for cleanup, organizing and preparing to move forward next week on the New Moon – the perfect time to plant seeds that you want to grow.

Tuesday, Dec 4th is an especially harmonious day good for planning, connecting and creating structures. Use it well and take actions that will lay the groundwork for the coming year.

Start thinking about what you want to create in 2019 as we approach the New Moon in Sagittarius next Friday. It’s is a good time to be intentional for the New Year, but I’ll talk more about that next week :))

Percolate now and write down what comes up for you, as you allow your bright ideas and deep desires to come to light. I always say, if it’s in your consciousness, it’s meant for you!

Namaste, friends.


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