Fiery Triggers and Mercury Turnaround – April 28, 2017

Oh boy – it’s a red hot day with Venus in fiery Aries, Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries (watch impulsive words, thoughts, actions) and the Moon and Mars in Gemini, where you may feel pulled all over the place.

Passions run high and can get you in trouble if you don’t direct your energy into something constructive. You may push someone’s buttons – or they may push yours (for better or worse), so be mindful. Hot, hot, hot!

Be careful what (or who) you go after; Venus in Aries likes the chase more than it likes commitment, so the thrill of the “catch” may not last once you get it. This is the energy of testosterone – exhilarating, but not always smart or enduring :))

Another shift: Mercury is slowing down to change direction next week. Today, Mercury Retrograde (communication/info) has backed into a conjunction (same degree) with rebellious Uranus, which can either activate unpredictable, erratic, rebellious thoughts, actions, attitudes – or it can allow for brilliant, innovative, genius ideas and solutions to appear. Higher or lower expressions. All possible.

The first Mercury-Uranus conjunction was March 26. The Retrograde gave us the 2nd hit of Mercury-Uranus (now) – and we’ll get Round 3 when Mercury turns Direct and passes over Uranus again the week of May 8-13. Notice what is happening and what is on the table for you. New solutions may be forthcoming that haven’t been available before.

Mercury turns Direct on Wed, May 3rd after a three week Retrograde period. Watch new info to come to light, with new ideas and understanding as you gain awareness where you lacked clarity before – and look for life to flow in general.

The week of May 7-13, you’ll get another level of insight and information with the next Uranus-Mercury conjunction. Out-of-the-box, genius, innovative and cutting edge are all higher expressions of this brilliant energy. Crazy, reactive, drama are all lower expressions of the energy.

Direct your energy deliberately whenever possible – it will serve you well. And if you’re open to it, you can surprise yourself with your own unique creations and expressions of Self!

Mercury doesn’t leave its shadow (the Retrograde degrees to be retraced) until May 21st, but it gets moving pretty well by May 13th. The genius energy around that time feels like an updraft that can transcend limitations and facilitate movement!

Choose wisely and be willing to explore beyond your usual way of thinking to find solutions or birth innovative creations. Use the Taurus Sun to anchor firmly into planet earth as you expand into new territory with your new consciousness!

Namaste, Pioneers. Enjoy the excitement of creating this new frontier!

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