Approaching the Full Moon in Sagittarius – May 29, ’15

Full Moon color tree

We enter the week with a Mercury-Neptune square, which is beautiful for creative pursuits and spiritual explorations, but not for linear thinking, handling details or making clear decisions.

This energy can make you “mocus” (mind out of focus). You’re mind may feel like a camera lens that needs adjusting in order to get a clear picture. And you may not want to expend the energy to do it…

You may find yourself feeling lazy, confused, in a fog or having a hard time focusing. If so, use the higher expression of the energy by going into nature, meditation, contemplation, and/or creating space to dream/be.  Easy does it; allow your intuition to be your guide. And if you need to take care of business, make a list and just do the next, right thing.

Saturday is quiet, but on Sunday the Sun is squaring dreamy Neptune (mocus energy again), which can produce anxiety in response to what you imagine is happening if you let your mind go into reaction to your lack of clarity.

I wish you a nice, relaxing day. Lower expressions of  a Sun-Neptune square are disillusionment, anxiety, fears or a feeling of disempowerment. If this comes up, reach out to someone you trust for a reality check.

Don’t allow your mind to take you into a dark alley… it’s not good for you! Take responsibility for your thinking – it can lift you up or pull you down. You decide…

The Full Moon in Sagittarius is on Tuesday June 2nd at 12:19pm ET. Sagittarius rules Higher Truth, belief systems, possibilities, integrity, optimism, confidence, the big picture and the meaning of life.

This is a powerful time to check in and see how your life is actually aligned with what you believe in. What has come to light recently for you? What no longer fits? Where are you called to go next? Do you dare stretch forward and reach for your dreams?

The Full Moon in Sagittarius encourages you to get real, live from your truth and go for your dreams with optimism and conviction. You can have whatever you allow yourself to have, so let the energy of this Full Moon give you the confidence to stretch forward in a BIG way!

You know what’s true for you. Make sure that your life reflects it.

Mercury Retrograde 

 May 18 – June 11, 2015

Mercury Retrograde is active through June 11th. Please get your free report (click on link above), so you know how to align with the energy and use it for your highest good. This is aligned with all the “Re” activities – regroup, revision, rework, redo, reorganize, etc.  It is a fabulous time to clear clutter and downsize. Ask yourself, “What is really useful and necessary?” There are so many clever ways to save and store keepsakes – explore beautiful storage systems to open up space and free your attention. This is also prime time for finding lost items, reconnecting with old friends /loved ones or those you need to make amends to.

My favorite de-stressing suggestions:

  • Give yourself extra time and space to get things done (do half as many things in twice as much time)
  • See what you can eliminate from your To Do list and from your space/life
  • Use email to document and reference communications and info for the sake of clarity (avoiding the “I said/you said” conflicts)
  • Check the car for maintenance needs
  • Double-check travel arrangements, info, directions, etc.

Use this time well. It can be a gift unless you feel the need to charge through life at an overachieving pace, trying to push the energy forward. Easy does it. Life works much better when you align with the flow – and we’re in slower motion for the next four weeks. 

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