Farewell 2019 and Hello 2020 ~ Dec 27, 2019

The Sun is conjunct optimistic Jupiter today (at the same degree), giving an expansive boost to the usual Capricorn structure and responsibility. With Jupiter’s can-do vision, you have access to a long view that can assist in setting goals and making plans for 2020.

It’s never too early to get clear about “knowing what you know” – and what will support you going forward! The Sun and Jupiter in Capricorn supports expansion, creativity and structure, with opportunities for progress toward what makes life meaningful for you. This can give you the confidence to make a move or decision, if you have been fearful or apprehensive in the past.

Mercury (mind) goes into Capricorn on Dec 28, which supports planning, goals and taking heed of your future. Capricorn is a sign that delays gratification in order to build strong, lasting structures, so focusing on savings and being very conscious of how you want to live ($$, lifestyle, what to spend on) is favored.

Because we now have five out of 10 planets, plus the South Node (past) in Capricorn, we are all into this practical, grounded, no-nonsense, anti-frivolous, energy of responsibility. Great for accomplishing things. Step by step. To get your life in order. And what you focus on grows, so focus on what you CAN do!

With Saturn and Pluto just one degree apart, headed for an exact conjunction on Jan 12, we feel the heaviness of non-working patterns and structures that are falling apart or that need to end.

The way you think about them will either create stress or guide you in practical ways. When you get organized and focus on doing the next right thing, you will benefit. Worrying or ruminating will highlight negative energy and make it feel scarier or worse than it is. Do something and then cross it off your list! Focus on what you CAN do, as productivity is key.

On Dec 30 the Sun is conjunct the South Node (past), asking you AGAIN, what needs to go? Whatever you’re dragging along, past its due date, is slowing you down, limiting you or functioning as extra weight (figurative or literal). Final reminder of 2019 – let it GO already!

Mercury trines Uranus on Dec 30, as well, offering brilliant new perspectives, ideas and plans that help to liberate, while maintaining stability. Both Mercury and Uranus are in Earth signs, so your plans and actions must be practical in order to align with the energy.

Uranus is always seeking the next level for your evolution and independence, so this is a perfect day to brainstorm and drop some old South Node baggage :))

On New Years Eve, the Pisces Moon is conjunct Neptune (Ruler of Pisces). This is otherworldly – the energy of Spirit, Higher Self, intuition, Divine Love and compassion. Pisces and Neptune also rule addiction and escapism, so I urge you to choose your New Year celebration wisely in a way that works for you.

This is a beautiful time to go within and feel All That Is and where you are now. Closing out another decade. Beginning anew. Be deliberate about how you end and begin this year to align with the Capricorn energy of taking responsibility for your experience.

And then on Jan 1 and 2, we have Mercury (mind) approaching Jupiter, with bright ideas and a positive outlook going forward. What a nice way to begin the new year, with all these serious Capricorn planets. A boost of optimism and possibilities, although you have to work for them. It’s still a great gift.

I urge you to seize the Mercury-Jupiter energy by continuing to set goals, make plans and decide that 2020 is going to work for you!

Namaste and happy New Year! xo

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