Fall Equniox – Sept 23, 2011

The Fall Equinox is Sept 23rd  – a moment of balance as you prepare for further awakening and evolution, as downloads of higher frequencies continue to pour in approaching 11-11-11 and 2012.

As I frequently remind you, you are the lightworkers who are here to help others awaken to their authentic being and true potential, so the more in alignment you are, the better you are able to support others.

This Equinox and the New Moon in Libra both activate the ongoing Cardinal Cross that  requires you to take responsibility for ALL of your creations – internally and externally – and to claim your Self as the empowered being that you came here to be!

This means that you will really feel anything that’s out of alignment in your consciousness and in your life. If something is causing you discomfort, it’s your job to explore what is creating it and to discern what needs to change.

Areas to examine – attitudes toward the future, self-care, self-expression, relationship dynamics, attitudes toward authority and the way you show up in the world.

Yes, they’re all major – and we’re in Libra – time to create balance within yourself and in your life.

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