Fall Equinox – Sat, Sept 22, ’12

7:49 PDT ~ 10:49 EDT

The Fall Equinox occurs on Saturday morning, Sept 22nd, as the Sun enters peace-loving Libra.

We have an interesting combo of energies right now, as Libra seeks harmony and balance, while Plutonian upheaval and Uranian rebellion continue to run in the background.

This underlying discord may require extra vigilance to connect with others peacefully, especially those who push your buttons. With the Pluto/Uranus square, you may be caught off-guard and feel ambushed or blindsided by unexpected words or actions.

If you feel triggered, an old wound or issue has been activated and is playing out now with your current cast of characters :)

Give yourself some space and bring yourself back to the present moment (be here now). Even though you may not think you’re getting what you want in the moment, it helps to remember that in the big picture, all is well.

If you want to shift yourself and evolve when you’re triggered, step back and feel into this question: How did I create this and what am I meant to learn from this situation? If you really don’t know and can’t find a meaningful answer, please reach out for help.

You are a seeker and I promised that you are here to awaken and evolve. You staying stuck doesn’t serve yourself or the world.

When an issue has been activated, you are ripe and juicy for a healing and a transformation. That’s why I love being at Avatar during challenging planetary setups. It’s not about getting through them – it’s about using the energy to transform and move forward!

We are leading up to a major Cardinal (activating) T-square on the Full Moon next Saturday, Sept 29th. The energy will begin to build next week and life can become tense or tension-filled, but only if you buy into the drama.

The more you can stay in love and compassion, the better you’ll feel and the smoother life will be. Light attracts Light, love can transmute darkness and pain.

Be the Light you came here to be. ♥

Namaste, brothers and sisters in Spirit.

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