Fall Equinox / Mercury Workout – Sept 2020

We have layers of new beginnings this week, as we just had a New Moon in Virgo on Sept 17, Rosh Hashanah begins tonight (Jewish New Year), and the Fall Equinox is Sept 22, which marks the second half of the astrological year. 

The Sun is completing its journey through the final days of Virgo and the energy is perfect for getting organized, handling details, paying extra attention to health and wellness routines and other supportive activities, especially those that seem tedious. Virgo loves to put things in order – and we’re still in the New Moon in Virgo afterglow, so if you didn’t make your New Moon Intentions, do them now! 

We have a relatively quiet weekend and then Mercury squares the Capricorn planets of structure and authority next week, activating world events (so what else is new?), but you can use the aspects for your own personal growth as well. As always, I recommend being proactive so as to direct the energy rather than being at the effect of it, trying to avoid stress.

On Sept 21, Mercury squares Pluto, activating deep conversations, with hidden info or secret communications revealed, profound insights, detective work, fact-checking or reviewing transcripts – and the info that’s discovered changes the picture in a major way. Extra effort into relentless digging or probing is usual.

Remember the movie, A Few Good Men, when Jack Nicholson said to Tom Cruise (who was cross examining him), “You can’t handle the truth!”? That is Pluto-Mercury, when the truth you find may be hard to hear and may pierce your bubble of fantasy. Think CIA, FBI, hidden info, dark secrets. Also, this is perfect for deep therapy or personal work to access info hidden in your unconscious, that you hadn’t remembered before.

One more potential expression of Mercury square Pluto is writing, speaking, rehearsing or devoting considerable time and effort to a communication, teaching or research project that requires extra effort. But it’s worth it, because you benefit in the long run – even when you are faced with a reality check, for only then can you align with what is true. Tricky these days, now that we live in a world in which actual facts (crowd size?) are disputed.

A dispute is another way of experiencing Mercury square Pluto – info in conflict with power. Use this in the most positive way for your evolution and well being. If you receive info that triggers you on a deep level, get help and keep your info intake regulated. Your attention to Self-care will make a difference in your experience, so be mindful.

On Sept 22, the Sun enters Libra on the Fall Equinox, seeking balance, harmony, beauty, cooperation and connection, when we move into the Fall season. Libra wants peace and yet, in this 2020 world, it requires you to avoid reactions that disempower you and pull you down; to be as objective as possible, while discovering what makes sense for you. Libra is an air sign that processes mentally and sees both sides of a conflict or difference. Try for that. 

On Sept 23, Mercury square Saturn indicates negative thinking, pessimism, depression, beliefs in being blocked or forced to face hard news, heaviness or some problem. This can manifest internally or from the outside, but ultimately, the way you process info is up to you, so please get support if find yourself going down a rabbit hole and losing energy. 

A fresh viewpoint can be a hostage release, I promise you! Another perspective is often very helpful – and watch your words, because with this duo, they can be used against you. This may require a methodical process of working through something and know that you CAN do it, even when it’s not fun. This goes to building internal muscle; that’s been this whole year – doing not what you prefer, but what is necessary.

On Sept 24 Mercury opposes fiery Mars, which is ripe for pushiness, arguments, conflicts and reactions, so this is not a great time for negotiations or conversations where there are differing points of view, especially after Mercury square Saturn – and this energy may be in reaction to the problem/issue that appeared the day before. 

Hold your tongue and process any mental creations (worry, anger) with a neutral trusted advisor to help you through if needed. Don’t just find a friend to complain to who agrees with you, as that will just fan the flames of your already heightened emotions. Being “right” won’t bring you peace.

Remember, when you feel violated in some way, it can trigger a reaction because you feel powerless. When you find your power in a situation (which is a very deliberate mental focus about seeing the problem a new way or finding an action you can take), it lessens the impulse to retaliate or have the experience control your world.

This is a potentially challenging week. I’m alerting you so you can decide NOT to allow the events that occur to rock your world if you’re hit with news that upsets you. Be Spock (objective) as much as possible. 

This is a spiritual practice that we ALL need to use in order to stay present and empowered. There is lots of help available if you need it. Use your detective skills to get your needs met. Do not give up and think that there’s nothing you can do – it is not true and will not help you be effective. 

And still, everything is happening FOR you and your evolution. When you seek the meaning of the events in your life, this growth mindset will serve you well. 

As always, I’m so grateful for your presence on our path together. xo 

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