Divine Event Timing

PT blue

In your business and in life, correct timing is an essential component of achieving success. Timing is MAJOR.  Planetary cycles either support your actions or totally work against them.

The timing you choose to take action can literally make the difference between experiencing  abundant success or frustrating disappointment.

What would you give for the peace of mind to know that the energy is in your favor when you take action?

Astrology provides timing based on planetary movement and the first thing astrologers do in order to narrow the possibilities, is to rule out the dates and times when you should absolutely NOT take action if you can help it!  This includes looking at retrograde planets, eclipses and hard aspects.

Think about your creations and what’s important to you – you invest tremendous financial and/or emotional energy when you:

  • launch a project or a website
  • announce/host an event
  • send important emails or documents
  • sign important documents or contracts
  • make a significant purchase
  • buy or sell a house or other major asset
  • go on a first date, choose a wedding date
  • schedule surgery, dental work or other procedure
  • give a presentation, pitch investors
  • hire a consultant or an employee
  • make a major investment
  • ask for a favor

What would you give to have “insider information” for choosing dates and times to help ensure the likelihood of success?

To check on a date for a future project I will personally advise you when to take action for $97 per event.

Multiple or more complex event inquiries will be priced accordingly. It’s a small price to pay for something that’s so important to you!

Allow yourself to receive the support that can help to ensure your success and may this information support your happiness, well being, expansion and abundance!