Equinox/New Moon in Aries/Saturn in Aquarius – March ’20

There’s so much movement in this week of New Beginnings; lots of dynamic energy, with the opportunity to shift in consciousness and to make things happen in your life.

The Sun moved into Aries last night (March 19), first sign of the zodiac, and this is officially the beginning of Spring. I suggest that you plant your dreams – and you can still do this, even if the current circumstances feel limiting. As a matter of fact, it’s healthy to have a vision that you feel intuitively, in the present moment. With Mercury (mind) still in Pisces, it’s the perfect energy for Higher Self messages and dreams. Yay! Use it!!

Aries is a fire sign (action) and all about new beginnings and activating things, as it’s hot to trot and high energy! A little inconvenient, when we’re being told to stay still. But this is a good time to start something, to align your actions with the energy of the Sun in Aries, and to exercise your body and use your physical energy in a positive way.

On March 20 Mars (will) is with Jupiter (expansion), which activates  a high energy, can-do mindset and vitality that will serve you well. If you are facing anything that requires extra effort, today is a good day to tackle that job! At the least, it offers an upbeat outlook with enthusiasm to spare. Or (the lower expression) you may see tempers flare (Mars = anger) or frustration. Use the Mars-Jupiter energy to get your needs met and/or do something productive.

On March 21 (late), Saturn moves from heavy Capricorn into inventive Aquarius, sign of the masses, the future – and how to make things better. This is problem-solving energy, mental and visionary. What a welcomed shift this is! We get a brief taste of Saturn in Aquarius until July, when it Retrogrades back into Capricorn for its finale there. In mid-Dec ’20, Saturn will return to Aquarius for good, until 2023.

Sunday, March 22 brings three aspects that offer possibilities and the energy to make things happen! And (geeky astro info) – all three aspects contain the higher octave of each personal planet. Mercury-Uranus (mind), Venus-Neptune (love), and Mars-Pluto (power). Fascinating…

Mercury sextiles Uranus, a channel for genius, innovative thinking, inventive solutions and a major shift in mindset. If you’re stuck, this potentially provides access to revolutionary solutions – and if you’re creating, your ideas should be eclectic and electric!! Fingers crossed, maybe we’ll hear of a breakthrough in info/solutions re: current events.

Venus sextiles Neptune, activating Divine love, feeding creativity, spirituality and intuitive gifts, as well as supporting romance, compassion, empathy and beauty. This is heartfelt, dreamy energy of connection and seeing through a lens of idealistic wishful thinking. That’s why you never commit to something permanent on a Venus-Neptune aspect; because a reality check is called for, just to be sure it’s what you think it is :))

Mars is conjunct Pluto – the warrior and planet of power, when you can make anything happen. Mars-Pluto will NOT be stopped, no matter what! If there is something you need to accomplish, this is the energy that will help you get it done if you take the right actions. These two align late Sunday and go into Mon, March 23, so be proactive and utilize this gift to move forward with what is in front of you.

Mars-Pluto can also bring up power issues and you don’t want to rumble with anyone now. Focus on connecting or separating, but don’t engage in conflict – it’s a bad idea and can bring out lower energies of anyone involved.

On March 24 @ 2:28am PDT ~ 5:28am EDT we have a New Moon in assertive Aries; the warrior, maverick and pioneer, the courageous, risk-taking, independent spirit (who can be impulsive and impatient, so be mindful). New Moons are always a time of new beginnings, and this is the BIG one – the astrological New Year!

This is the time to step up, take action and be a spiritual warrior in your own life. In which area of life do you need to be courageous and do something?  What is no longer working that needs to change?  What do you know you need to do and keep avoiding? The Universe supports your efforts now, so make use of this tremendous energy!

Set your intentions (write them down) and put them in a safe place so you can check in throughout the year to see where you are relative to now. If you like to journal, this is a great time to record your thoughts, ideas and visions for the future.

I wish you a productive, life-affirming week of harnessing your will, power and genius in ways that are stimulating and inspiring for you! This enforced shut-down in the world is like Mercury Retrograde on steroids – rather than resisting the energy by internalizing it as limiting, go with it,  FLOW with it – and let it take you somewhere NEW!

Whatever is happening (big picture), we’ll be moving into Aquarian energy this week – and even more next year. Know that innovative solutions await us and this old, tired, decaying energy has to be broken down. Seriously. We chose to be here now, witnessing this revolutionary period of unprecedented endings.

Trust the process. Trust your process. As always, I’m sending you love and heartfelt gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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