Enjoy the New Moon in Gemini – June 2019

We open the week on May 31 with a trine from Venus in Taurus ($$, values and relationships) to Saturn in Capricorn (structure) that supports stability, commitment or an agreement that you can take to the bank (literally or figuratively!). A good day to get engaged or married (Saturn and Venus are vows) or to purchase something of value.

Sat, June 1, the Moon is aspects dreamy Neptune (Divine Love) and then Venus, inviting harmony, beauty, connection and flow. Relax, socialize, enjoy, vision, be in nature, indulge in that which brings you pleasure. This is a beautiful day for weddings and celebrations from the heart.

On Sun, June 2 Venus trines Pluto – passion, $$, magnetic attractions and connections, ripe for fulfilling your deepest desires (just be careful what you wish for!), a makeover, shopping (all weekend, actually) and enjoying creative or artistic pursuits.

Make this weekend a healing space of enjoyment to act as a balance for the craziness of our world these days. Use it to soothe your senses and calm your nervous system. Pleasure, experienced with reverence, is a healing and a detox, raising your vibration while experiencing deep gratitude for the Goodness that is available for you. A reset and a spiritual fill-er-up.

We wake up to the New Moon in Gemini @ 6:20am EDT on Mon, June 3, a time for new beginnings, so take action directed toward anything you want to increase, create or cultivate. Ideas and information are abundant in Gemini (the multi-tasking mind), so decide what you want to focus on so you don’t become scattered.

Gemini rules communication, social media, websites, networking, classes, workshops, community, media, contracts, email, cell phones and ground transportation. This is great energy for connecting with others and gathering info in order to refresh, expand or infuse some new energy into your life. Use it well!

As Mercury shifts from Gemini (its own sign) into Cancer on Wed, June 4, the need to know everything becomes less important than the quality of the connection in giving and receiving info. Think: sharing – a kinder, gentler, more emotional vibe, with a feeling aspect involved.

By mid-week you should be receiving new info, experiencing changes or your thinking is more innovative, with Uranus aspecting Mercury. When the unexpected arrives, take the cue to see how you can use the energy to realign your life to acclimate the new. This is the ultimate skill.

The Moon in sensitive Cancer on Wed June 5, with Mars (action) creates an ultra-sensitive and possibly touchy energy. Anything hurtful may feel more so today, so be mindful of reactivity (you and others).

All in all, this week offers the opportunity to focus on where you’re going and taking actions to support that. A month from now we have a Solar Eclipse (July 2) and then Mercury turns Retrograde (July 7) and you will be course correcting what you begin now (and depending on if/how the Eclipse affects you).

Make the most of all that’s good in your life to add your positive energy to the collective consciousness. And enjoy all the Goodness in your life!

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