SLD 23 Emerging

Soul Level Awakening:

Emerging, Realigning & Becoming

The update…

We are being asked to ride the waves of a rapidly changing world, with faith in our personal process and life itself, as we watch it transform before our very eyes, with new ideas, innovations and paradigms replacing old systems that are being deconstructed, edged out and rapidly becoming obsolete.  


And it’s all happening at once — while at the same time, new elements of YOU are emerging as well…


As outdated identities, beliefs and attitudes fall away and no longer apply, you are called to allow new expressions of Self to arise in order to recreate your life in some way. It may apply to a new direction in your external life (major!), but at the very least, it calls for inner restructuring in order to embody an aligned, harmonious approach to our ever-changing world.  

Your personal evolution will activate the needed changes not only in your outer life, but within YOU to embody maximum peace, passion or purpose! 

Sounds great, right? When you’re motivated and inspired to focus in a clear direction, all is well. Even if you have to do a little extra work, it’s so worth it to achieve your goal or to manifest your vision.

But what if you’re not clear… what if you know you should be doing something, but you’re just not sure exactly what? Your mind can go into overdrive trying to seek solutions that, when driven by worry or fear, causes stress and can lead you astray. 

Here’s the good news — guidance is available that is aligned with your soul’s journey. This is guidance is unique to YOU and your life setup. Remember, only YOU can feel what is right for YOU in each moment — and the trick is to have ways to access info that is not “cookie cutter,” but that is divinely personal, only for YOU.


The question…

Are you ready to discover your Soul’s path for 2023 and beyond?


The truth is, you only have to know the next steps if you don’t have the big picture yet – and trust that you will be guided each step of the way…

There is always a personal path of opportunity unfolding for you and your Astrology Chart will show you what that is.


My intention is to help you remember who you are, why you are here, and connect you with your soul’s path. 

Get the care and direction you need for clarity and support!