Eclipse Effects – June 17, ’11

How are you feeling, post-Eclipse? The Moon rules your feelings and needs – and touches your most primal emotions. This is the menu for this week!

The Lunar Eclipse was on the North Node of Destiny and the Galactic Core of the Milky Way, channeling major  energies to support your further awakening.

Sagittarius rules beliefs. You may have had surprising or enlightening realizations as new information came to light (a Full Moon phenomenon).

Maybe something that you’ve always considered to be ‘”true” has turned out not to be exactly as you thought it was (or vice versa). Even a slight shift in perspective can make a BIG difference in your experience of life!

Have any of your beliefs shifted during this Lunar Eclipse – and, if so, how can this benefit you?

Judgment and wisdom are both Sagittarius-ruled, so think about what you’ve learned recently that can enhance your journey and support your being in the world.

If you find that “stuff” is coming up – especially stuff you thought you had already dealt with – know that it has come up to be seen, acknowledged and healed.

As always, flexibility and open-mindedness are required to accommodate and embody “the new.”

Soften, open and allow. ♥


Summer Solstice/Sun in Cancer
June 21st, ’11




The Summer Solstice occurs as the Sun enters the sensitive, emotional sign of Cancer on Tues, June 21st – the longest day of the year and the official beginning of summer.

This is yet another energetic shift to add to the mix – and Cancer is ruled by the ever-fluctuating Moon.

Lots of feelings and focus on home, family, food, nurturing, care, and issues regarding emotional safety and security are prominent. Feelings can color your thoughts and judgment, so take that into consideration when making decisions and get clear before acting.

If you are feeling more sensitive than usual, take extra good care of yourself by creating space, slowing down, and doing what you can to avoid stress.

You can help to manage your feelings by asking yourself, “What do I need right now?” and then creating healthy ways to fulfill your needs.

Connection, mothering (giving or receiving), and emotional warmth are all expressions of Cancer. Where do you feel emotionally connected – and to whom? Find those people (or puppies, or nature) when you need comfort and TLC and hook into the stream of love and goodness!

All is in Divine order. All is well. And you are important!

“Which game do you want to play? ‘Who’s right,’ or ‘Let’s make life more wonderful?'” ~ Marshall Rosenberg

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