New Moon in Pisces ~ February 2020

Dare to dream this week and take action, as the Sun and Neptune flow in gentle Pisces with Mercury Retrograde in Pisces too, unwinding old structures to create space for a rebirth. Pisces rules Divine Love, intuition, empathy, compassion, imagination and dreams.

Your dreams are clues, as seeds of your soul’s desires from your highest potential! Dreams and visions come in many forms, so open to uncovering that which is within you during this fertile time of channeling from the higher realms of your consciousness.

Today Mars (action) trines Uranus (change), activating innovative and practical moves to create a more aligned way of operating that supports your Authentic Self, which can lead to new horizons. Do something different and trust your “Inner Genius” to come up with something out of the box for you!

Mars squares Chiron (Wound/Wounded Healer) as well, asking you to drop old ways of operating that no longer fit, whether it’s what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, or who you’re doing it with. Be willing to reconsider anything and everything to decide if it fits your Evolving Self now.

Remember, Mercury Retrograde is the time for course corrections, and after five weeks of all planets Direct (Jan 10 – Feb 16), life has advanced rapidly. I suggest you take inventory to see if you’re aligned with all that’s currently present in your orbit and make adjustments wherever needed.

On Feb 22, the Sun sextiles Uranus (more changes!), allowing you to utilize the energy of liberation to shift out of stuck energies, thought patterns or old identities that block you from creating a life that’s joyfully aligned with who you are (or want to be). Uranus in harmony is like lubricant; it allows changes to happen easily in creative ways, so take advantage of this amazing gift and follow your intuition re: what needs to change!

The New Moon in Pisces is on Feb 23 @ 7:31am PST and 10:31am EST, a time for new beginnings and actions that can make your dreams a reality. The Uranus energy (still active), initiates actions that allow you to recreate tired areas of your life to manifest wonderful new outcomes! Enjoy! Write your intentions and take action after the Moon is New.

The soulful Pisces energy with Uranus shakeups and realignments can create new circumstances, possibilities and facilitate seemingly magical outcomes. The Capricorn energy (Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto) supports building structures and methodical steps. This combo is perfect for tapping into a vision and taking actions to manifest a new reality.

Venus in Aries squares Jupiter in Capricorn on this New Moon and the love language for this duo is “indulgence!” Venus square Jupiter can easily seek more, more, more of whatever is good ($$, romance, beauty, shopping, food, attention, or your heart’s desires). For some people, being spoiled and spoiling others is healthy, just don’t cause yourself or another harm by over-indulging. Stay mindful so your choices are conscious.

Lower expressions of Pisces (checking out) with Jupiter square Venus can activate addictive energies, in which you lose control over your choices. If you have this tendency, don’t indulge. Just say No to what’s not good for you. And if you can’t do that by yourself, get help. 12 Step groups are free or find an experienced advisor to support you. You are worth it :)) Maybe this is your wake up call!

On Feb 24 the Sun sextiles Mars, which is great mojo for making things happen, but with Mars conjunct the South Node (past), it brings questions regarding your life direction, so that deliberate choices can be made. The opportunity, once again, is to release the past that no longer supports your growth and feeds your spirit.

Feb 25 highlights Mars on the South Node. The focus is on your needs – and what needs to go. Done. Complete. No longer relevant. We’ve had a lot of let-go energy in 2020 already, and the more you have the courage to release, the more space you create for the arrival of new, more aligned energies.

Mercury backs over the Sun on Feb 26, with ideas, plans and communications that are significant. Pay attention to what shows up – and check the details.

On Feb 26, Mercury sextiles Mars, good for direct conversations and/or for making things happen. Mars=action and Mercury=thoughts/communications.

And, in case you need another reminder…


Mercury Retrograde  ~ February 17 – March 10

With all the planets in Pisces, we are swimming in nonlinear waters that can diffuse your best-laid plans by leading you off on a detour.

Of course, this is only distressing if you tell yourself it’s a problem. If you can allow space in your consciousness for a diversion, you may discover that everything works out, even when it’s not the way you expected it to!

This can be a great surprise and humbling, all at the same time. You don’t have to be GM of the Universe in order for your life to flow in a positive direction. Yay!

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A rigid agenda is fear-based and that energy won’t serve you. Be flexible and if you encounter obstacles, flow around them. Don’t push – you won’t get what you are seeking that way. When you feel tense, faith and trust is the antidote. If you connect to a Higher energy, call it in (Guides, angels, Spirit, nature, etc.). Trust your intuition and allow it to guide you…

Sending you love and gratitude for your presence on our journey together. xo

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