Deep dive in Scorpio – Oct 23, 2020

Good news – this week should feel a little calmer and gentler than the last three did in October. The Sun is in deep, intuitive Scorpio now, ruler of the underworld and all that’s hidden, that informs the tone of the coming month.

Scorpio season is an opportune time for shadow work (blind spots), healing and releasing the old to create space for new, incoming energies that will fuel your growth and evolution. Very exciting! Avoid power struggles and watch for hidden agendas. Don’t take things at face value – when in doubt, do your detective work to find out what is really going on.

Watch for obsessive thinking, which can block you from seeing the big picture. Examine your current choices and make decisions from your Higher Self and inspired direction. If your mind kicks in with potential objections, it’s your job to handle them. Is the objection reasonable, calling for a solution – or is it an old, constricting relic you’re dragging around with you that’s holding you hostage?

With Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio, it’s the perfect time to heal dysfunctional beliefs that are in conflict with your intentions. The object is to integrate limitations that keep you in a safe, protected cocoon, that’s often been prescribed for you long ago by your designated role in the family, which gave you a message about who you are and what’s possible for you. Are you living a life that’s a joyful expression of Authentic You or are you living a blueprint that is based on the ideas of others?

In Scorpio, the opportunity is to notice where or how you give your power away (and living for others is one way). When you’re in your power, you are not in fear or seeking approval; you are focused on creating, with a clear intention and focused will. Scorpio has the ability to transform anything old, complete, toxic or non-working, so be proactive by releasing anything that no longer serves you to clear space for coming attractions!

On Oct 24, Venus trines Saturn, which supports relationships, financial matters, creative projects and your values, including how you value your Self. This is a perfect day to connect with friends or loved ones, review your $$ status, and to make plans for any practical endeavor you are preparing for in the coming weeks.

On Oct 25, Mercury is on the Sun (the halfway point of Merc Retro), which offers another opportunity to shift old thinking or ways of communicating. Don’t squander the opportunity to re-evaluate your current setup (whatever is calling for attention) and open to new ideas, contacts and approaches that can create new pathways. Possibilities abound!

Oct 27 brings Mercury Retro and Venus into Libra. You will notice a shift in the energy, perhaps with greater diplomacy or harmony, but Mercury is squaring Saturn, with a setup for delays and barriers to communication. The way you respond to this energy will determine your experience, so adjust your expectations, decide in advance to Be Spock, and stay in observer mode whenever possible. Watch the show without being sucked into fear or drama. You don’t have to react. It’s a choice.

It’s likely a week that will feel more supportive than it’s been lately, which is all relative during this turbulent time. Use the Scorpio energy to delve into aspects of your life that are calling for further investigation, insight and healing, and get the support you need in order to rise up. Use the Mercury Retrograde energy to clean up, clear, and course correct wherever needed.

Scorpio is “make it happen” energy – it will not be stopped when it goes after something. Use it well and stay high…

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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