Dec 21st – Winter Solstice / New Moon in Capricorn / Uranus Direct

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Dec 21st, 2014 – It’s a BIG astrological day! The Winter Solstice reminds us to have reverence for the Light, that will now be increasing daily.

The New Moon in Capricorn invites us to focus on our inner authority and on creating structures that will serve us (and others) going forward.

The most dynamic aspect of the day is radical Uranus turning Direct, to initiate and activate sudden change where realignment is called for.

What needs to change in your world? Please be proactive and decide what you are committed to and write it down or speak it in a formal way.

Take responsibility for what happens in your world; you have so much power to contribute – let yours be part of the increasing Light.

Namaste, friends.


For the Week of Dec 19th:

This week promises to be a profound and memorable one, as  we have Uranus (change) turning Direct, a New Moon in Capricorn on the Winter Solstice, and Saturn leaves deep, intense Scorpio and moves into expansive Sagittarius. It’s like being released into the Light!

Right now Saturn is in the last degrees of Scorpio until Tuesday, when it moves into Sagittarius. Shadowy energies may appear, just to let you know, once again, what needs to be handled.

Don’t freak out – just note anything dark or heavy that appears as information – and know that it’s your responsibility to address it. Your experience of life is your business! Really. You want to make it as positive and aligned with your spirit as possible.

Next we have three astrological happenings back to back in one day! Wow…!

First, Uranus (change/innovation/Authentic Self) turns Direct to move forward and launch you into new territory, perhaps allowing brilliance to channel through you like never before (yes!).

Be open to opportunities that appear in your life, knowing that the goal is to be more authentic and to broaden your horizons. Very exciting! 

At 6:03pm ET on Sunday we have the Winter Solstice, or still point of the Sun before it shifts to increase day by day. Appreciate the stillness, knowing that more Light is coming, always.

A few hours later, we have a New Moon in Capricorn – coinciding with the Winter Solstice, which is so rare! The New Moon is always a time of new beginnings, so start something, whether you pursue a dream goal, an idea, plan or project after the Moon is New.

Put energy into something you want to grow, become stronger or more important in your life, especially for the coming year. 


The serious planet Capricorn rules commitment, goals, structure, methodical planning, boundaries, responsibility and achievement.   

Capricorn is reality – where do you need to get real in your life?  This is the energy that supports those efforts and because Capricorn is The Lord of Karma or The Great Teacher, you get back in equal measure what you put out, so no slacking.  

Where do you need to develop discipline in your life? Are you ready for a new health regimen, to budget your time or money more effectively, or to create a new work opportunity?  

This isn’t about being flashy – it’s about setting goals and then taking steps, one day at a time, and doing the next right thing to move forward.

Capricorn is the sign of the authority and it’s also your inner authority. Are you connected to your inner authority and to living your truth or do you need external validation/permission to be who you are, or to choose a course of action? This piece is life-changing and if you are not free, you need to focus on that.

The energies of the Universe support your efforts to come into your authority, which requires you to be responsible, conscious, conscientious and committed to your Higher Self. 

Have you set your intentions for 2015? Don’t miss this opportunity to focus on a new endeavor – or to make a new level of commitment to the path you’re already on.   

Remember, you create whatever you commit to and focus on. Go for your dream and make the most of all this dynamic energy!

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