Dec 1st – Current Astro Events

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Beginning Tues, Dec 1st until Dec 20th, all the planets are in Direct motion for the first time in 2009 – get ready to blast off!

So much will be happening in the next three weeks, you will need to be awake and at your best to maximize the opportunities that will be available to you at this high energy time. Right now we are on the fast track, so if you’ve been feeling like you are being called to something new, do it now!

Here’s the astrological line-up for Dec ’09 through early ’10:

* Uranus (the unexpected/change) goes Direct on Tues, Dec 1st 

* Mars (action/will) goes Retrograde from Sun, Dec 20th-March 10th

* Mercury (communication) goes Retrograde from Dec 26th-Jan 15th

* Lunar Eclipse on Dec 31st – an important ending

* Solar Eclipse on Jan 15th – a turbo-charged new beginning!

Take action to begin any new projects that you are planning for 2010 before Mars and Mercury go Retrograde. You will have plenty of time to make adjustments and corrections in the coming months, so don’t let perfectionism block you from beginning! Don’t think you have to have everything arranged exactly in order to make your first move – even sending out an announcement about a project will suffice as a beginning.

Do your holiday shopping early, as last-minute purchases can create extra stress during retrogrades, with potential miscommunications, wrong/broken items or delivery issues. Holiday travel can be tricky too, as Mars is your car and Mercury rules ground transportation, so make plans to create as much space as possible, stay grounded, pay extra attention to details, and be very flexible in order to create maximum comfort and ease. 

Know that you can move through the holiday/retrograde period in a smooth, non-dual way if you have a positive attitude and compassionate spirit. Whatever happens, YOU decide how you experience and interpret everything so choose wisely and take exquisite care of yourself.

I wish you joyful creations! 

“We’re in the process of Becoming; we are in a spiral Universe — our DNA is a spiral.  We’re in mastery training, souls’ training, we are in wizard school, each one of us.” ~ Mary Manin Morrissey 

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