Current Astro – Jan 7, ’11

All planets are currently moving forward, unobstructed, in Direct motion until Jan 26th when Saturn goes Retrograde. This is an auspicious time to initiate and activate plans and projects, so if you’re ready – take advantage of this opportunity!

Here’s what I consider important right now:

1. Have you received new information since Mercury went Direct on Jan 4th – or have you found that your perspective has shifted regarding some major aspect of your life? This is very common when Mercury goes forward after a Retrograde and it can initiate life-changing decisions and even a new direction. What actions do you need to take given this new info? Get clear about that.

2. Where are you now that we’ve gone through the two Eclipses? We had the Solstice/Lunar Eclipse Dec 21st (endings) and the Solar Eclipse Jan 4th (new beginnings), which created a wormhole that took you from one reality into another. What do you want to create from here? You may have some very exciting possibilities!

If you find yourself in new territory there may be a period of acclimation involved. Are you clear about where you are and where you are going? If not, spend quiet time connecting to your deepest Self and be very gentle, allowing messages to be revealed to you so you can do the next right thing at the appropriate time.

No panic or pushing – that’s unproductive in my opinion. Tune into your personal rhythm for correct timing.

3. Saturn is squaring the Sun today, which means that solid plans and structures are rewarded. Having a good idea is a start, but you need organization with systems in place in order to manifest your creations into form.

Discipline is supported, so take action and do something good for yourself – whether pertaining to diet, exercise, health care, creating space, finding a business coach or consultant (even a free taste!) – but do something that will benefit YOU.

4. Please prepare for what you want to create in the coming months by creating a plan, outline, or road map. The discipline required to map out your strategy will serve you well and if you can’t do it alone, there are so many gifted teachers and mentors who will guide you, so ask for help! Again, if you’re not ready for this step then just be where you are.

I am a firm believer that we each have our own process and “readiness” is really “grace” – when a window of opportunity opens within, often mirrored by an external opportunity to match it. Trust your Self and do the next right thing.

So often your Higher Self will lead you forward and then your ego (fear) will try to take you out. When in doubt, go within to your Higher Self. Fear doesn’t live there – it’s a safe place that will connect you with your truth.

Remember, you have an important job to do here on planet earth and you’re being prepared!

“The awakening of consciousness is like the crossing of a frontier – one step and you are in another country.” ~ Adrienne Rich

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