Current Astro – Jan 13, ’12

The energy of Divine Love is in the air this weekend, as Venus connects with Neptune (earthly love and Divine love), urging you to be compassionate with yourself and others. Before you judge someone, think about whether you’ve ever done what you’re judging them for. It’s always a humility piece.

Self-judgment or judging others is an e-ticket to a low vibration! A low vibration is not a creative energy and it makes everything harder, so please don’t go there!

As you enter the coming Retrograde, prepare to be flexible and not get discouraged if you encounter perceived obstacles. There’s nothing wrong with you – there’s something that requires adjustment, that’s all. Don’t take things personally AND make the necessary course corrections. You will likely be led in surprising directions that you could never have planned!

We have 10 days until Mars (planet of action, will, your body) goes Retrograde, so be sure to begin anything new that you want to activate during the first quarter. Once Mars goes Retrograde, there will be plenty of time to revise, rework and redo whatever requires adjustment.

Coming attractions are below. Pay attention – timing is important if you want to be in the flow…

Here’s the line up of Retrogrades for the 1st half of 2012:

Mars Retrograde: Jan 23 – April 14

Saturn Retrograde: Feb 7 – June 25

Mercury Retrograde: March 12 – April 4

Venus Retrograde: May 15 – June 27

Mercury Retrograde: July 14 – Aug 8

Right now you should be planning and taking action towards anything new that you want to set in motion in the external world before Mars goes Retrograde on Jan 23rd – April 14th.

Mars is the planet of how you get what you want, the way you work, how you take action, as well as your physical body.

In the first three weeks of January you can jump start your process by taking action in the external world to begin any of the following that apply to you:

* launch your new project
* start your new health regimen
* begin your new workout plan
* buy your new home, car, or big ticket item
* sell your home, car, or big ticket item
* launch your website
* set your wedding date/contact vendors
* pitch investors
* hire a consultant or an employee
* give a presentation
* make a major investment
* schedule surgery/dental work
* announce or host an event

Do you HAVE to do these things now?  No, but it will make your life easier if you’re ready to move forward.

Decide to make 2012 the year you surprise yourself with your own special brand of genius! I can’t wait to see what you create… ♥

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