Current Astro Events – Sept 7, ’12

This month we have the 2nd exact square (tension/conflict) of Pluto (power/transformation) and Uranus (revolution/surprise) and we are feeling it already, as we will be all month.

Avoid power struggles and deliberately take your sail out of their wind if you feel provoked or baited by another. Move gently and don’t take anything personally.

If something is ending, let it go. Pluto is death (literal and figurative), and you can feel when something has reached the end of its life-span.

Holding on creates tension and stress. Faith that you are being led to something new is required in order to feel a sense of peace, even as you experience feelings of loss.

We’re in the final month of Saturn in Libra, which is all about the mirrored Self. If somebody triggers you, look within yourself to see where that behavior/attitude is or was present within you.

Blame is projection – and it’s actually an unconscious fantasy created to make you feel better about yourself. If you want to evolve, take response-ability for your reaction to any situation and heal the issue within yourself.

Get help with this if you need it, as this work is rich and will shift your experience of life dramatically. It will set you free and expand your world!

This week the Sun and Mercury are both in Virgo. Mercury in Virgo is not just about getting information – it’s about getting information that’s useful.

Don’t go overboard needing to know everything, which can easily overwhelm you. Be judicious in deciding what to focus on and choose that which is helpful to you in whatever you’re seeking to create or fulfill.

Above all, observe your thoughts and feelings without going into reaction. If you are triggered, step back and inquire, “what do I need right now?” in order to reclaim consciousness and take care of yourself.

You can accomplish a lot this week as Mercury (communication and the mind) is very busy with positive connections! Set clear intentions regarding what you want to create and allow yourself to be joyfully productive. Just don’t overdo it :)

P.S. Creating space to decompress is self-care and your responsibility. Remember to love yourself!


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