Current Astro Events – Sept 26, ’14

Heaven home

The theme of this week is magic. We’ve been in a process of moving through some powerful, transforming material over the past week (Pluto changing directions brings up deep unconscious material for integration), and now the path is ripe for creating!

I hope you have experienced some magic in your life from the New Moon in Libra on Tuesday and the Uranus-Jupiter trine (the unexpected and abundance/expansion). I call this “Lotto” energy, like hitting the jackpot :))

Wow – what a combo for new beginnings, joyful openings and opportunities! And it’s not over yet, so make the most of this energy by accepting invitations to expand your horizons. When asked, just say yes!

On Monday, Venus moves into its own sign of Libra, supporting romance, beauty, peace, balance and all that is harmonious. There is a great call to connect with others and to find common ground. With the Sun and Venus in Libra, this is a perfect time to focus on relationships to see what is really there and what needs correcting or evolving in your world.

Evolving your relationships means taking responsibility for what you’re creating. It’s the most potent, deepest, fully loaded material you will ever investigate. It speaks to how you perceive yourself, your power, giving and receiving, as well as your ethics and methods of getting what you want (conscious and unconscious). And what you truly expect for yourself, not from entitlement, but from your belief in what’s possible for you in this lifetime.

Oh, it’s juicy and beautiful if you’re reverent and courageous. I say “yes!” to that – and say “yes” to yourself.

All week long Mercury will be slowing down to turn Retrograde next Saturday (Oct 4 – 25). Order your iPhone 6 or make any other large purchases (especially technology) now or you will have to wait until November to avoid Mercury Retrograde issues.

In the meantime, stay in the high vibration of love, focusing on creating what you want and taking actions towards that end. I feel like this is such a blessed time to make magic, which is my very favorite thing!

If you believe that life can’t be that easy, know that your belief is creating that experience for you. And everywhere you look, you’ll find evidence to support your belief. When you change your beliefs your experience of life will change.

Open, open, open to possibilities and allow yourself to be surprised!

Have a magical week!

Mercury goes Retrograde for most of October. Get your free Mercury Retrograde report here, so you know how to prepare for what’s to come and what the dates are. Practical actions will serve you well!

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