Current Astro Events – Sept 14, 2018

This week has the potential to create momentum to expand your world if you’re ready to use the energies and commit to actions that will serve your intentions.

We are still in the wake of the New Moon in Virgo on Sept 9, in which a seed was planted or a new storyline began for you. The Sun in Virgo wants life neat and orderly, but with Neptune opposing the New Moon, there’s a nonlinear component that is unwinding something old and/or taking you somewhere new. You may not be clear about what’s happening or where you’re going. Or what to do next. This is not a negative, but rather a process – and the problem is that mind wants answers. Now!

If this feeling of confusion or disorientation applies to you, go within and connect to your inner Self. Don’t grasp at things to fill an empty space just to quell anxiety. Patience is required in order for the info/pieces to appear as you do the next right thing. And if you’re clear – great! Keep going…

The weekend offers an abundant pick-me-up as Mercury is in harmony with Pluto (power) and Jupiter (expansion), making it a good time to connect, create, decide and take action, especially if you need extra confidence and/or motivation to accomplish something. You may receive good news or have a big idea with a can-do outlook – and the mojo to make it happen!

If you experience tension (the Moon squares Sun/Mercury on Sunday), let the energy inform you to make any needed course corrections. Don’t allow a minor conflict to derail you; re-focus on your intention and utilize the positive energy that’s available for you. P.S. Resentment prevention – don’t take anything personally.

The Moon in Sagittarius squaring Sun/Mercury can push you to overdo it or call someone in to play that part for you. Sun/Mercury in Virgo is fussy about the “right” way of doing things, whereas Moon in Sag wants to just jump in head first! Rather than being stressed, find the highest expression of both energies so they can work together (ex: the confidence to expand via thoughtful plans and actions).

The final of three Mars-Uranus squares takes place on Tues, Sept 18, yet you may feel this energy days prior. You’ve been working on Mars issues all summer and the final square can highlight a breakthrough, liberation or independence in some way (all Uranus qualities).

Mars fuels the action and it will help if you’re proactive, rather than being reactive. Mars rules will and action, anger and aggression. When it’s directed constructively, you can make things happen! Mars is a go-getter.

If you want to make a move but don’t out of fear, you may experience a Mars-Uranus disruption or hit that shakes up a stale structure in your life. It will be something unexpected (Uranus) coming at you that’s for your Highest Good, even though it may not seem like it at the time.

Remember, the theme is liberation and independence. Focus on that and how you can take action to move in the direction of Authentic freedom. Explore what that means for you, some new approach, direction, way of operating – and if you need support, please get it. Dependency or feeling trapped doesn’t bring out the best in any healthy adult.

If you are faced with the unexpected, ask yourself: “How can this serve me?” rather than feeling like a victim. This is the Higher Self stretch.

Allow life to be an adventure and continue to seek your awakening, no matter where you are on your path. With this attitude, you will stay open, engaged and ready.

Namaste, friends. We’re on a mission…

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