Current Astro Events – Sept 12, ’14


We kick off the week on Saturday with a Mercury-Uranus opposition. Mercury rules the the mind and all mental processes (thinking, speaking, writing), as well as all forms of communication. Uranus is the higher mind, or your genius – where you’re innovative and original, expressing it your own unique way!

A Mercury-Uranus aspect stretches beyond the mind and its usual parameters, bringing in new, different, radical or sometimes surprising information. And because this aspect is an opposition, it indicates receiving info from the “other” or outside sources.

So have conversations, hear what others have to say, read what others have written; move beyond your “neighborhood” and see what’s happening elsewhere. I find this kind of energy stimulating and filled with opportunities for expansion and awakening. Do something different and discover what’s waiting for you!

Later on Saturday, Mars leaves stealthy, focused Scorpio and moves into optimistic, expansive Sagittarius until Nov 24th. Movement feels much lighter and more optimistic, as in joyful explorer energy. What fun!

In the meantime, Jupiter (expansion, abundance) is moving into a harmonious alignment with Uranus (change, genius). I call this the “Lotto” combo. When they align, it can feel like winning the lottery because gifts seem to appear effortlessly in your life!

Jupiter can bring opportunities, abundance, expansion, adventure, wisdom and Uranus can bring radical change, brilliant insights/ideas, and experiences that facilitate individuation so you can further discover your Authentic self. How exciting is that?! I love this energy!!

Jupiter moves into orb with Uranus on Monday and will be inching closer until the aspect is exact on Sept 25th. Enjoy the week and be on the lookout for possibilities and opportunities. And when they arrive, be open to them! I’m not saying, jump in blindly without inspection – but don’t be so fearful or need to do so much checking that you miss what’s available.

Also, you have 3 weeks before Mercury goes Retrograde. If you need to order your iPhone 6 or make any other large purchases – especially technology – do it now. Or soon :))

Have a great week and enjoy the final days of summer 2014!

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