Current Astro Events – October 20, 2023

The crescendo of chaos, violence and destruction in the world continues as we move through the wormhole approaching the Lunar Eclipse on Oct 28. This is a reflection of cosmic activity designed to deconstruct existing paradigms that are obsolete, to make way for innovative solutions, inspired ideas and ultimately, a new Aquarian world – but it won’t be soon. It will take a considerable period of time for the dismantling, the rebuilding and for the world we dream of to become a reality. 

For more detailed info about the cause of the chaos, see last week’s blog post: click here.

Oct 20 – Sun-Mercury Cazimi – with the Sun and Mercury so close, you may get an insight, an aha!, helpful info that gives you direction or clarifies something for you. Pay attention to signs, info, messages you receive on all levels today, verbal and non-verbal. Don’t miss what’s available for you!

Later on Oct 20 – Mercury square Pluto – you may be faced with a problem, a hard conversation, a deep conflict or info that’s been hidden. Mercury square Pluto is CSI – it will dig deep to find the real story. Secrets may be revealed that are game-changers, but at least you will know the truth. This is powerful energy for healing and breakthroughs. Use it proactively if possible. Good for Self-reflection, journaling, exploration if you’re ready to get real and may be something you need to release in order to move forward. 

Oct 21 – Sun square Pluto – You may encounter a power struggle or a situation in which you are bullied or you give your power away. Control issues are initially about emotional safety, but they become habits and are detrimental as a way of life. When you’re in your power, you can manifest what you desire – you don’t have to control others in order to do so. Again, perfect energy for healing and breakthroughs when you are ready to evolve and grow. This can indicate something you need to release – a behavior, a thought pattern, a belief that is not serving you relating to power / powerlessness. 

Oct 22 – Big day, three astro events. Two aspects, one sign change. First, Venus trine Jupiter = gifts and blessings in earth signs (Virgo and Taurus), dealing with the physical world – nurturing your body, eating well, upgrading your self-care, having a massage, facial, showing love by sharing practical gifts to enhance your (or another’s) well being. 

Oct 22 – Nov 10. Mercury in Scorpio – is CSI all the time, wanting to see what is REAL. The detective, intense, direct, covert, all or nothing – Mercury in Scorpio loves to learn the secrets of others while hiding its own. Not into small talk – it wants to go deep. And verbal communication is only part of the story, as the intuitive read is just as important – and nobody is better than Scorpio at reading others, as they use this gift to feel safe, reading the room. 

Mercury trine Saturn – This supports grounding any info or insights you gained when the Mercury was Cazimi the Sun or squaring Pluto. This can help you stabilize and integrate any new info and changes that have occurred to evolve your consciousness. This is also good for making plans, vows (to yourself) and decisions regarding your future, which is grounding. 

Oct 23 – Sun in Scorpio – The Sun leaves harmonious, other-oriented Libra to enter intense Scorpio, sign of what’s hidden, transformation, death and rebirth, issues around power and the underworld. Scorpio is like an iceberg – what you see is the tip, but the real story is hidden underneath; it is private, guarded, defended and will be in control of every situation that is unfamiliar, if possible. This is the sign of the healer, therapist, banker, medium, detective, CIA and researcher. Transformation: the death of the False Self and the birth of the Authentic Self; two lives in one lifetime. Amazing, the power of the Phoenix Rising!

Oct 24 – Sun trine Saturn – Another stabilizing aspect, supporting you in laying the framework for the future by making decisions, setting boundaries and knowing what feels right for you. Feel where you’re being called and what is needed to further your efforts. Practical actions and work goes to building structures that will support your future. You will know what that is – and this is the time for action while the energy is aligned for you.

We are going into the deep, with the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio, which will give you tremendous power to attune to your Inner Guidance, feel what is out of alignment for you and release what needs to go. What needs to be addressed in order for your Evolving Self to live well? 

This is a powerful time for self-inquiry and contemplation, as we approach the Lunar Eclipse. Your job is to maintain a spiritual practice that helps you remember who you are and gives you a quiet space to commune with your Inner Guidance. Take good care and easy does it. 

“Consider the trees that allow the birds to perch and fly away without either inviting them to stay or desiring them never to depart. If your heart can be like this, you will be near to the Way.” ~ Zen proverb

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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