Current Astro Events – Oct 7, ’16

We’re in a liminal phase, between the shape-shifting of the Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde and the Saturn-Neptune square in September, and expansive Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury all now in harmonious Libra.
That’s a lot of unwinding, dissolving and reassembling energy, like being in a slo-mo blender. Are you feeling frothy yet?

Mars (action) is in ambitious Capricorn, determined to make things happen, along with Pluto (power/control) that will unveil anything shaky, complete or stale. These two planets are no joke when they make contact in your world – either by creating turbo-charged actions or an “undoing” that changes your playing field.

We open today with a Sun-Pluto square, which can activate power struggles and shadowy behavior, so be mindful and spacious in all interactions. And if there’s a touchy subject you can put off handling, wait until early next week.

Pluto rules everything that’s hidden and creates transformation, so just know that if you decide to go in, you’ll be playing in the deep water…

Next, we have the grace of Mercury (communication) and Jupiter (abundance) on Mon & Tues, (Oct 10, 11), that supports smart plans, bright ideas, signing contracts, asking for what you want, making connections that expand your horizons – and positive communications all around. What a gift!

These are good days to take actions that will move you forward and raise your game. Expect good things and put yourself out there, whatever that means for you (whether online, in person, or phone). Contact with others allows for blessings to enter your space, so focus on your intention and take actions.

This is a good dating aspect, too – a first date, sending a message or going to the next level, if that’s appropriate for you :))

FYI: as the week goes on, we’ll be moving toward the Full Moon in Aries (on Sat night/Sun early morning), and the emotional energy will be rising as we go along.

Mars (action) squares Mercury (communication) on Thu, Oct 13th, setting the stage for arguments or pushy persuasion. Be deliberate and objective when speaking and stay in integrity to avoid confrontations.

However, you may be riding high after your joyful connections and experiences made earlier in the week. I hope so! Make the most of the expansive container you’re have to play in. Your life is your story – make it a beautiful one!

The Moon Void of Course can derail intended outcomes and interfere with flow – and it’s also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.

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