Current Astro Events – Oct 30, 2015

This week is smoother than we’ve been used to lately, having experienced one astrological “thing” after the next for a good long while. As the skies are relatively clear, it’s an optimal time to put attention on expanding into the new Self that you are birthing :))

The astrological backdrop this month has Saturn (reality, structure) moving into a square with Neptune (dreams, intuition), that will become more obvious and prominent in the second half of November through late December.

This brings up issues around what is real and what is a dream for you. Can your dream become a reality – or does reality always trump your dreams? Can you ALLOW your dream to become a reality? Which old structures are being dissolved (a Neptunian process) – or need to be?

Keep these thoughts in mind as you move forward and are presented with new opportunities. If it’s is too far outside your usual boundaries, can you allow yourself to take advantage of it? Or will you turn it down due to fear of the stretch? It’s a good inquiry to feel into, especially as you move forward in these new times becoming this “new” you!

Venus/Mars/Jupiter are together through the weekend, initiating opportunities and creating a magnetic aura to tap into for extra good creating mojo at the right place/right time. Make good use of it and enjoy!

Relationship-oriented Venus and go-getter Mars make their third exact conjunction on Monday, highlighting the energy of creativity along with romance/passion. This is the energy of yin and yang, together in analytical Virgo, sign of service and order.

Venus/Mars/Jupiter may have the impulse to indulge – but in Virgo, restraint and discernment will better serve your Highest Good.

In order to move forward, take inventory of what is needed to be your best Self now and be willing to handle the necessary tasks and any cleanup required. It’s the Virgo energy that calls for order and it can only help clear the path for you!

P.S. We have MAJOR stretches of Moon Void of Course periods this week that can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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