Current Astro Events – Oct 29, ’10

Although the New Moon isn’t until next week, the Sun, Mercury and Venus Retrograde are all in Scorpio right now. Very deep, profound energy!

This means opportunities for transformation are available IF you’re willing to take full response-ability for everything that you create in your life.

The opportunity is to make course corrections where you are out of alignment. Pain, contraction or discomfort will let you know exactly where that is.

If it’s happening to you or if it’s in your life, you created it – either consciously or unconsciously. If you feel confused or stuck, the issue is likely unconscious, so please get help to work through your blind spots.

Venus (what you value and how you value yourself) is a major factor in what you believe about yourself as well as what you’ll allow yourself to have/be/do.

Because Venus is Retrograde in Scorpio, this is the optimal time to examine the Venus issues in your life.

Be sure to get your free Venus Retrograde report – as well as the Venus/Mercury Retrograde Holiday Shopping Guide ’10.

With money in the equation, deeper issues are triggered. Giving and receiving, how you get $$, what you charge, where your boundaries are, what you spend and on what – all these things have to do with how you really feel about yourself.

Guidance: practice impeccable self-care (spiritual, mental, emotional, physical), clean up money issues, beautify your world, and remember what makes life worth living (for you) and create that!

“You can’t hide your secret thoughts because they show up as your life!” ~ Rev. Michael Beckwith

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