Current Astro Events – Oct 28, ’11

So we continue on in Scorpio – the energy of transformation and purification, and the energy is especially intense this year as we approach 2012. Uranus (the revolutionary) in Aries (the warrior) squaring Pluto (power) continues to instigate and activate smoldering issues, fanning the flames to a fever pitch.

Change is in the air and the old structures are coming down. World events are evidence of this, as in Occupy Wall St., as well as the political and ongoing middle eastern conflicts.

Where are you feeling the uprising in your life? What has got to change in order for you to be well, to be vibrant and flourish? I recommend that you be proactive in making necessary changes whenever possible, rather than being reactive after something happens.

Did you do your New Moon Intentions on Wed? I hope so… Please say them out loud every day, feeling into the energy of what you are committed to creating for yourself and your evolution.

Here’s another idea: make a “Cosmic To-Do List” that will facilitate the changes you KNOW you need to make. And then take action – whether it means building in more play time, taking a class to support your professional expansion, reconnecting with a loved one, hiring a VA, or joining an online dating site.

Any necessary action you take will build your self-esteem, too. You get self-esteem by doing esteemable things!

Don’t delay your evolution – things are happening too fast these days for you to let your fears keep you imprisoned. I see so much “instant karma,” now meaning, we get back what we put out very quickly now.

If you are unsure, confused, paralyzed or bewildered, reach out for help and let others help you! Do you know that fear can dissipate instantly with the right support? You don’t have to stay stuck! There’s no glory in being a solo act – and it’s so much more fun to have a guide when you’re moving through new.

By the way, this is a good time to consider scheduling your astrological reading with me so that you know what’s in store for you in 2012.

Let me support you! You don’t have to walk through the dark alone!

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