Current Astro Events – Oct 16, ’15

Libra Pink Scales

We begin our final week in harmonious Libra. Now we are finally moving along, as Mercury is flowing – and it is prime time for action!

Mars (action/will) is with Jupiter (expansion/abundance) and they’re both in harmony with Pluto (power/transformation). What a super-powered, enthusiastic, “can-do” energy this is! If there’s something you want to create or call in, the next 4-5 days is a great time to go for it!

However, I just want you to be aware of the major Void Moon periods happening now, because they aren’t the time to take actions when you desire/require a particular outcome (making appointments, purchases, sales, etc).

Let me remind you that Jupiter in Virgo (service/order/health) is in effect for the next year. Jupiter in Virgo supports releasing what’s not useful and clearing space for what belongs in your life.

Jupiter also also rules practical self-care (diet, exercise, health regimens), so pay attention to what needs attention for your well being and alignment. You cannot be at your best living in clutter, a space that doesn’t nurture you, or neglecting your health/wellness. Take care of yourself – it’s your job – and you will reap the rewards of all your efforts when you do!

Next, be aware that Venus (earthly love/money) is opposing Neptune (Divine Love, illusion) today through the beginning of next week. This creates a beautiful “feel good” energy – which supports spiritual exploration, creativity, harmony and connecting with higher dimensions of consciousness.

However, Venus opposing Neptune can lure you into fantasyland and/or idealized experiences that feel so blissful they’re intoxicating! It’s fun while you’re in that phase (like being tipsy), but when you come back to reality you may wonder, “What was I thinking?!”

Therefore, reality check decisions that you are considering when you are feeling giddy or high. Wait a day or two to see if you are still feeling drawn to follow that path. It may still be real for you or not – it’s your job to discern the difference.

The week is mellow until Thursday when Mercury (communication) squares Pluto (power/control). Watch out for information and messages that suggest hidden agendas or covert actions.

Don’t get sucked into participating in energy that lowers your vibration (which includes suspicion of others). Pay attention and widen back, rather than going into paranoia, character assassination, etc. This too shall pass…

Take care and make good use of the beneficial energies that will support you. You’ve been waiting for this!

Remember, we have major Moon Void of Course periods now that can affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

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