Current Astro Events – Oct 12, 2018

We have Venus Retrograde, Jupiter (Higher Truth) and Mercury (mind) all in Scorpio now, ruled by Pluto, Lord of the Underworld. This creates an undercurrent of intensity and hidden info that can be brought to light at any moment, personally or collectively.

Like a jack-in-the-box, the next revelation pops up and your perspective re: the world changes, even just a little bit. Or you go into denial, sticking to your old conceptual framework of how things are, regardless of new info that may challenge it. That’s how people become fixed (stuck).

Are you open to change? Are you willing to consider that maybe what you believed doesn’t fit anymore? It’s really important to be willing to examine your beliefs rather than dig in and stick to old familiar ways of thinking, operating and being. It’s all about the willingness to grow – and if you aren’t open to change, you’ll have a hard time in our current climate.

This is a relatively quiet week, even though we’ll have static or drama on a daily basis. It’s our new normal, which can be draining, so please put extra Self-care at the top of your to do list. Quiet time, a bath, a walk in nature and meditation works wonders for your mind and nervous system.

Pluto/Scorpio rule transformation, which can be literal death or the loss of something beloved or meaningful. It can also be something you let go of, for your greater good. You can’t evolve and grow without letting go of your current circumstances or attachments.

So it’s a good time to be proactive and review: what is no longer serving you? This can range from style to social activities, behaviors, attitudes, spending habits, and the balance of giving and receiving.

I suggest you give your relationships a “check up” to see if you feel good about the way you are operating and to see if your they feel healthy. Do you feel seen and appreciated, do you appreciate your partner, how does money work in your relationship, do you feel there’s a positive exchange of giving and receiving, are you happy? All good questions for review.

The weekend is quiet and Monday, Oct 15th is a sweet day for connecting, sharing thoughts/feelings and expressing your heart’s desires. Use it well. These kind of days are a special gift. Who can you reach out to – and what do you need to say?

Just realize that we are living in an unstable world in which old structures are being deconstructed – and events are not always predictable. Our job is to make the best of what we’re given to work with.

Dynamic energies and deep emotional undercurrents are here to illuminate the dark, personally and collectively. It’s not a punishment or even a test.

We are in the midst of a deconstruction that we didn’t think was possible and we’re here to bring Light and help however we can. That is our mission as heart-centered Beings.

Take good care of yourself. Your presence is important.



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