Current Astro Events – November 5, 2021

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The coming week starts out smooth and then promises to bring something to a head, which can create the opportunity for great frustration and drama and a possible breakthrough. Maybe one thing leads to another, but there will be charged energy with the collective on edge, so be prepared to be mindful, watch your words and lay low by mid-week. In the meantime…

We begin the week in the wake of yesterday’s New Moon in Scorpio energy (Nov 4), shaken up by the opposition from Uranus. Did anything shift for you? Uranus only takes what you’ve outgrown or don’t need going forward, so if something left your world it’s a completion or it’s for your Greater Good.

We have two planets changing signs on Nov 5: Mercury in Scorpio until Nov 24 and Venus in Capricorn until March 6, for four months, due to its Retrograde (12/19-1/29). More about that as we get closer.

Venus in Capricorn is serious, stable and cautious with money, love and relationships – looking for who and what is real, who will be there, who is responsible. Venus is your heart’s desires and Capricorn is practical – it’s not into flashy, showy displays necessarily, it leans toward security, structure and commitment, with an eye on the future re: what’s lasting. So, no players need apply when it comes to love :)) 

Mercury in Scorpio is hyper-focused on deep truths, CSI, accessing hidden info and speaking up about profound or taboo topics, willing to go into the dark to see what’s behind the curtain. Or it’s obsessed with something, like a dog with a bone, and won’t let up until it’s complete – so use this for a project, research, healing, detective work or shamanic practice. But use it, so it doesn’t use you. Oh, and re: communication – Mercury in Scorpio may interrogate you or their silence will be deafening. See what you attract and notice your own behavior. Mercury in Scorpio only reveals what it wants to. 

On Nov 6 Mercury sextiles Venus creating a sweet vibe of connection and communication that can be about a relationship or focusing on something you are creating – a project or your New Moon Intention. With Mercury in Scorpio and Venus in Capricorn, this is a powerful and potent duo for advancing toward your heart’s desires when you take aligned actions. There’s too much serious energy here to waste on doing nothing (in my humble opinion). Please direct it toward creating an experience of your choice. 

Nov 10 has three aspects that all impact each other, so I’ll break them down. First is Mercury conjunct Mars, which is aggressive communications, attacks, arguments, debates, passionate persuasion or verbal/written pressure. Mercury-Mars are both in Scorpio and won’t give in or submit if they can help it, whether on offense or defense.

Next Mercury square Saturn, activating communication issues and problems with authorities and/or the government, negative thinking, misunderstandings, missing details, clarification required – almost like Mercury Retrograde in some instances. You ask and the answer is no – or there’s more work to do.

Next Mars squares Saturn and you hit the wall. Mars wants to accelerate and Saturn is obstacles, the brakes, the wall – whatever it is, it keeps you from moving forward. This triggers Mars, who is ready to to go NOW! So Mars-Mercury squares Saturn, who is not allowing anything to proceed without extra info, effort, time, energy, details, etc, etc, and it means you are faced with a blockage of some kind.

If you’re in the process of making a purchase, launching a project, making a move or other kind of process that requires flow, by mid-week you can expect to hit some kind of standstill with a dynamic charge behind it that builds frustration and creates distress. The collective is going to be vibrating at a fever pitch and the more measured, mindful consciousness you can bring to the world, the better. Any actions you need to take should be done in methodical ways for best results. Grounded. Sane, with non-attachment, and you might want to skip utilizing mid-week as action days for anything pressurized. 

The Eclipse Period begins today, as we have a Lunar Eclipse on Nov 19 at 27º Taurus, so the energy is charged now for the next six weeks and we can expect the unexpected (yes, I know it’s been this way for a long while). The focus is on the Scorpio-Taurus axis = Transformation vs. the Material World, releasing vs. your comfort zone. 

Stay tuned and focus on what you’re creating in your life as everything counts, including your contributions. On a personal level, having a direction or goal will give you a place to direct your attention, so you don’t spend your energy in drama going down rabbit holes or checking out via escapist tendencies. 

Our world feels like it is being deconstructed and reconstructed simultaneously, in slow motion in multi-dimensional and nonlinear ways. We’re on a rollercoaster for the next few weeks especially and then it should lighten up at the end of the month, so hang in there. We can do this.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer.” ~ Frank Herbert, Dune 

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo


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