Current Astro Events – Nov 7, ’14

light fieldYesterday’s Full Moon in Taurus highlighted decisions we must make (or have already made) this month about what to keep and what to let go of. Clarity around what you value and how you want live will guide the choices you make and direction you take.

What really matters – and is your current life a reflection of that? Be prepared and willing to make adjustments that honor the truth of who you came here to be. Don’t abandon yourself by playing small or giving up on your dreams – whatever you have to do will be so worth it. You are here to share your gifts with the world, so be bold and tenacious!

You may feel challenged to take actions and show up in new ways that require focus, commitment and effort, but again, you are worth it and everything you do will pay off when you’re aligned with your inner truth.

The weekend is relatively mellow and then on Monday Mars (action/will) meets up with Pluto (power/transformation) in earthy Capricorn, sign of hard work/success. Operating together, these two planets wield extraordinary power and can provide you with the mojo  to overcome obstacles and accomplish major goals. This is a manifesting dream come true :))

Significant breakthroughs and leaps forward are possible when you harness the energy of Mars/Pluto. If you have a challenging task or important goal to accomplish, this is a good day to be proactive and utilize a wave of major flow!

Next Tues and Wed, Nov 12/13 are potentially challenging days, with energies that can alternately instigate tension and conflict or sudden, impulsive actions while you may feel harshly judged or rejected. However, those are lower, reactive expressions of the energy. 

Whenever you have a combo of combustible energies, it’s also a recipe for powerful breakthroughs and dramatic shifts that can benefit you tremendously – but you must stay alert and awake to receive the benefits. If you are emotional and reactive, you will be at the effect of the energies rather than using them for your Highest Good. 

You may need to set boundaries or make a big decision. This is a time to “be Spock” and stay objective rather than buying into any perceived slights or power struggles. Don’t let your ego run the show – stay in your Higher Self and live from the big picture when making decisions. Step back, take a walk, move your energy and get a fresh perspective before acting.

We are all on the move right now (literally or figuratively). ‘Tis the season for making changes and letting go. Big time… 

You can do it when you’re clear and committed to your Self and your path.

Namaste, friends. Let’s create the lives we came here to live!

P.S. We have lots of major Moon Void of Course periods this week, which will affect business and planning, so be aware when taking actions for maximum effectiveness.

I urge you to align your life and actions with your Higher Self in order to create an experience that will be uplifting, fulfilling and meaningful. 

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