Current Astro Events – Nov 6, 2020

Mercury squares Saturn today, continuing the ongoing debate and conflict around data, info, facts. Right on schedule, votes are being counted – and contested, as I write this. It will all work out, but not easily or without plenty of opinions, drama and power struggles, due to aspects in the coming week(s). Keep calm and carry on… I know, it’s easier said than done, but do your best. 

Mars opposes Venus on Nov 9, which activates creativity, flirtation (under the right circumstances) or a squabble. I suggest you be proactive and decide how this energy can best serve you. Use your Mars (will) deliberately to avoid being triggered by events or others. Of course, there’s no guarantee that life will be harmonious, but it’s more empowering to be in the driver’s seat, doing something constructive or desired, rather than being passive.

Mercury returns to Scorpio post-Retrograde, and it dives deep to uncover secrets, seeking hidden info – perfect for these times to get to the bottom of current events. Not for the faint of heart. Also, the Sun trines Neptune, bringing compassion and facilitating the vision of a kinder, gentler world of Oneness. 

The Sun-Neptune trine serves spiritual practices that help to integrate fear and anxiety, and to recenter you by connecting with what remains untouched – your eternal spirit. On a 3D level, the emotional pain all around us is real. From a higher dimensional level, you can see the human drama with greater objectivity, as an observer, witnessing our culture that’s trapped in a polarized duality. 

Find your place of peace within – and in the external world, with compassion rather than judgment or superiority. Neptune connects to ALL That Is, not just the things it agrees with :))

Jupiter conjuncts Pluto for the third time on Nov 12 (the first two were April 4 and June 30). Covid may flare up again – a repeat of prior hits, you may see the conclusion of an ongoing story from April, or we may witness a major power grab, as Jupiter magnifies dominant Pluto. 

Jupiter-Pluto can either bring the best ($$, benefits, opportunities, transformation) or the worst (abuse of power, greed) – and the determining factor is the intention behind the actions. Jupiter-Pluto in integrity is motivated by the Greater Good, rather than selfish ego drives or personal benefit at the expense of others. Stay tuned…

If you’re in the midst of a Pluto transit right now (and you’ll know it if you are by the death and/or rebirth that’s happening), stay tuned for what Jupiter brings to the party. It should be a benefit of some kind, a turning point, an opportunity or opening. I always look on the bright side…

This all precedes the big event: Mars Retrograde finally ends on Nov 13, and Mars turns Direct. More about that next week, but know that things will begin to move forward and open up, little by little. 

We’re going to get through this – and remember that you are here on purpose. Your special gifts are needed now, more than ever! And whatever you’re going through, keep going… :)) 

As always, I’m grateful for your presence on our path together. xo

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