Venus & The Next Chapter – Nov 4, ’16


We begin the week with Venus (values, love, $$) in a central position. It trines Uranus and squares Chiron, which can invite new relationships that reflect the changes in you (more of your Evolving Self) – and that may also highlight ways in which you need more self love and care. Get the memo.

If anyone mistreats you or makes you feel less than precious, they are mirroring an old belief you have about your value or worthiness. And you can seek the healing you need now (please!) so that you don’t attract or allow that ever again. Hear me – it’s your job to handle that.

Another possible experience of the Venus-Uranus-Chiron combo is fear around changing circumstances with $$. Fear of losing what you have or need. The fear is within you. If you have this experience, the call is to heal the fear, not to buy into the belief about your powerlessness over any situation.

The Scorpio Sun and Mercury (mind/communication) brings up issues around power and control, while the Neptune and S. Node energy in Pisces can activate attachment to the past or lower expressions of the energy like overwhelm or escapism.

This is all fertile ground for you to see where your fear (weakness) lies and reorient yourself to a higher perspective of deciding what you will create and put your attention on.

I believe so strongly in having an intention to accomplish something meaningful for you. Being proactive is the best use of your energy, rather than being reactive or in resistance to something unwanted (instant pain).

Regarding the election, this is likely going to be messy so widen back and hold the whole experience with curiosity rather than getting sucked into the drama and experiencing upset or pain. The more neutral you can be, even with your own desires, the more empowered you will be.

Ok – here’s my perspective regarding the election:

White noise drone = random talk without meaningful content, going on and on, hiding what’s really going on. What is real? We don’t know. I so feel like we’re in The Matrix; someone else’s game. Our presidential election drama is Crazytown – and finally, election day arrives on Tues, Nov 8th.

The Moon is Void of Course on election day from 8:55am – 4:45pm EDT (nothing will come of the matter or things go awry) and then Mars (the warrior, action, will, aggression) moves from stable Capricorn into unpredictable Aquarius. What a recipe for chaos and the unexpected. My prediction? The election will not settle anything. The drama will be ongoing, one way or the other (recounts, disputes).

As for you (and me) – we don’t have to actively engage in the drama, mentally, verbally, emotionally or physically. You don’t have to make FB posts, read inflammatory FB posts, watch news endlessly and get all caught up in the attacks that feel like watching modern-day gladiators going at it. Nobody is innocent. No one is free from errors or missteps in life, so being self-righteous is arrogant and positioning yourself as superior.

I suggest holding a vibration of love and compassion for humanity, regardless of what’s happening. Humans are complicated, with selective memories and we’re taught to be judgmental toward each other. It’s an easy trap to fall into, but not good for us.

When enough of us stay in the Light, the collective balance will shift our way. What does this mean? Be kind. Give yourself space if you feel overwhelmed by the chaotic vibration and give others space, too. Stand up and speak up ONLY when it feels helpful. Don’t get into petty battles with people who aren’t open to connecting.

Fear can be a weapon that disempowers – and if you believe that your well being is truly being threatened, you become weaker, even when you (or others) appear aggressive. So stay in your center.

The planets that create chaos also allow for innovative solutions that will serve the Greater Good (low expression vs. high expression). The media doesn’t highlight all the good that is happening every single day all over the world. If it did, you would feel better and safer, with greater faith in humanity. Look for the Goodness everywhere you go.

The election on the VOC Moon indicates some kind of fuzzy outcome. The whole election process has been crazy, so why expect “normal” now?

I don’t know where this is leading, but I remind you that you came to be here now – and you are part of the Light Brigade. Don’t be self-righteous and engage in the fight. Stay high. That’s your job.

Engage in love. Be Spock, be neutral. Scorpio is transformation time – so let’s help the world transform and transmute all this ignorance and low energy into something better.

This is my two cents during a week when you really have the potential to create the experience you want to have. Nobody has power over you, really. Your attitude is YOURS and it determines the experience you have, no matter what the circumstances. Choose wisely.

Wishing you love and blessings. We will persevere, one way or the other.

We have some major Moon Void of Course periods this week. They can derail intended outcomes and interfere with flow – and it’s also the optimal time to access your creativity, spiritual pursuits, routines or leisure activities. Be aware and pay attention.


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