Current Astro Events – Nov 2, ’12

This will be a week of shifting energies. Daylight Savings Time ends on Sunday night at 2am ET, as we “fall back” one hour. The illusion of more space may feel comforting with all the intensity going on.

On Monday morning, Nov 5th you’ll have had an extra hour to prepare for the Mercury Station on Tuesday (when it appears to be standing still). Extra patience will be helpful, so the more rested you are, the better :-).

Mercury will be Retrograde as repairs and restorations take place on the ravaged East Coast locations. This may create communication issues, travel delays and a general slowdown of the recovery process. On the other hand, this is the perfect time to undo/redo that which needs correction.

Mercury Retrograde/Election Day

Mercury is Retrograde from Tues, Nov 6 – 26. This election day will be one to watch.

Get out and vote early – give yourself extra time in case of any mixups or issues.
Don’t get all wound up over the drama that’s likely to occur; stay in your center and hold the vision that all is well, no matter what.

Be sure to get your free Mercury Retrograde Report here.

Back up your info and update equipment, software and tech gadgets now!

Allow this Mercury Retrograde period to be a productive time of assessment and reorganization, so you can make course corrections that realign you with your path and purpose.

Know that we are now in The Eclipse Period (yes, more dramatic energy!), as a Solar Eclipse is coming on Nov 13th – a week after Mercury goes Retrograde.

More about the Solar Eclipse next week. For now, take care of loose ends before Mercury turns Retrograde and use the coming week to take inventory of your life and get clear about what needs cleaning up or correction.

Use this special time for your benefit. The better you are, the better your life is, which benefits us all.

Stay centered and take good care of yourself.


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