Current Astro Events / Mercury Turns Direct – June 2015

The current energy may feel disorienting as we enter the final week of Mercury Retrograde, with some long Moon Void of Course periods in the mix adding to the ADD-like, hyper energy of the Sun, Mars, & Mercury in Gemini. What a circus!

Allow yourself to play with different ideas that enter your mind and cross your path. You never know where you will be led if you’re open to exploring. Because we’re still in the Retrograde energy, you can gather data and explore without committing to anything – like trying on clothing, rather than buying, to see how things feel…

Today Venus moves from sensitive, nurturing Cancer into creative, fun-loving, “me”-centered Leo until Oct (except for the last two weeks of July). That’s a long time for Venus to be in one sign! 

Are you ready for romance, to express yourself, or to create more time for play? How about some healthy indulgence and/or pampering?

You may be ready to receive more attention, to be more visible or speak up and present yourself in new ways. Step forward, put yourself out there and step into your leadership!

Venus in Leo loves the courtship, romance and grand gestures of love. It also loves to spend $$ on the best and finest (Leo IS royalty, after all! :))

Get ready to have some fun and liven up your life!

         Mercury Turns Direct – June 11, ’15

Mercury Retrograde turns to go Direct on June 11th (technically), but it won’t really begin flowing up to speed until around June 23rd. This means that new information and communications come in stimulating fresh insights that can change the picture as life unfolds. Ultimately, you will be able to make more informed, updated decisions from this place of new awareness.

Get your plans in order for going forward, but be open to making adjustments when incoming info alters the landscape. The least productive thing you can do is to be in a “fixed” viewpoint where you’re not open to alterations or change.Being fluid, creative, and open will serve you well as you allow each new bit of info and awareness to add to the whole experience you are having.

The day after Mercury Stations to turn Direct, Neptune (Oneness, Divine Love, illusion) Stations to turn Retrograde. This adds to the nebulous feeling of confusion, lack of clear direction, and operating in a nonlinear way. It’s wonderful for creative and spiritual pursuits, but not necessarily for getting your “To Do” list done…Neptune dissolves old boundaries and limitations, so don’t be freaked out if it feels like things are coming undone or falling apart or floating away. All is well, even when you’re not sure what’s happening.

By June 27, Mercury will have regrouped and moved on to brand new territory. Remember, you are being asked to create new things in new ways. The operative idea is not to reference the past, but to create forward from your vision, imagination and dreams. Where do you want to go? That’s the idea – not what you “think” is possible – that’s how limitations are recreated.

Enjoy your exploration and move gently going forward…

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