Current Astro Events – May 25, ’12

Although we’re in the rational sign of Gemini, experiential Neptune squared the Solar Eclipse and is still in the mix with the Sun and Mercury (info/communication).

This can either facilitate intuitive connections or create illusions. Be discerning (Higher Self/Lower Self) and take your time when making important decisions. Be deliberate – and if you’re not clear, be still or gather more information and wait until you’re clear before you make a move.

Mercury (communication, info) is in Gemini too, meaning there’s lots of chit-chat going on – sometimes too much. Pay attention to what’s being said verbally and non-verbally, and remember that you learn more when you listen (hint, hint!).

We are still in the eclipse period – between a Solar Eclipse (new beginnings) and a Lunar Eclipse on June 4th (endings, the culmination of things), so dramatic events may take place.

Watch for what comes in and what/who leaves your life. It may be a sudden event or the beginning of a new story that unfolds until the next set of eclipses in late Nov ’12.

If you experience an ending around June 4th, don’t fear anything that comes or goes. Whatever happens is for your highest good and YOU decide how to internalize each experience.

Here’s the ultimate empowerment: YOU are the creator of your story, so be proactive and focus your energy on creating what you want in your life!

Review the Eclipse and Venus Retrograde posts from last week. These energies are all still active, so be aware and stay awake.

Opportunities abound with these dynamic energies. Enjoy your creations!

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