Current Astro Events – May 24, 2019

The Sun and Mercury are in social, chatty, curious Gemini, with lots of conversations, thinking, connecting, reading, researching and all kinds of mental activation happening now.

As you interpret data you read, hear or perceive, you’re telling yourself stories about what it means – and those stories are based on old values, structures, and paradigms that you operate from. They rule your beliefs about yourself and the world, as well as judgments and identifications (who you are, what’s right/wrong).

Have you noticed that everything is up for review now in our upside down world? This is meant to shake us up (on a higher level) and the invitation is to go within to decide what is truly meaningful for you now – and how you want to live. Not on autopilot; You in the present moment. Be open to new discoveries, awakenings and awarenesses, as you are creating your life moment by moment. Infinite possibilities abound…

We’re also in a Mars-Chiron (Wound/Wounded Healer) square that can activate old issues/insecurities about your competence, fitting in, ability to assert yourself (with Mars in sensitive, tentative Cancer), or a shaky sense of Self.

Still needing others’ approval to feel okay or to take action? Mars is the warrior and Chiron the wound. Hidden insecurities that block or modify your actions are working against you.

What has come up for you? There is a real opportunity here for healing and evolving old patterns of non-working beliefs or behaviors. If you’re feeling Mars-Chiron issues, they are showing you what needs attention. Don’t just duck and hide. Have the courage to explore so you can shift from fear-based reactions to intentional movement. Yes you can!

We have Saturn (Authority) and the South Node (non-working past) side by side, drawing even closer as we end May and enter into June. This highlights old, non-working patterns in ways that get your attention – and the call is to release what’s complete, not working or over wherever you can.

We humans have to go through it to get the message sometimes. But you eventually learn to empower yourself and connect the dots rather than feeling like a victim of circumstances. There’s always a way current events support your evolution, so look for that.

If you’re willing to make meaning from every experience, it will lift you up and retrain you to focus on how life is working FOR you – and how you can be of service to others.

Saturn and Pluto in close orbit to each other are restructuring us and the planet. We’re in the demolition phase, watching old accepted structures being challenged, defied and destroyed in ways we never imagined possible. There is a rebuild/rebirth coming – and aspects of you and your world are being transformed as well.

So you have your personal life with the changes you’re creating or facing, and you’re part of a collective that is in a major overhaul, which of course, affects you too.

Lots to handle and yet, life goes on. Put your energy where it makes sense for you and contribute to the Greater Good in your own way. We have no idea of the brilliant, innovative solutions that will come in, redirecting the energy and our ways of living. Just as those who came before us would never have imagined our world today.

Find the info that’s useful to you, drop what no longer serves you as you can and be open to creating in innovating, forward-thinking, loving ways.

The North Node (Destiny) is in Cancer (nurturing/ Self-care), so take good care of yourself as you go.

The better you feel, the more you have to offer the world – and you’ll be happier, too. Living from a place of well being is modeling a higher vibration for others. Well being means healthy and safe with a positive outlook and the ability to take good care of yourself on all levels, able to get your needs met while being in integrity and feeling good.

How’s that for an intention? I so want that for you. And me. And all of us.

Remember, we’re all in this together.

Enjoy, create and treat yourself extra lovingly!


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