Current Astro Events – May 12, 2017

Mercury has been doing quite a dance during it’s Retrograde and now forward motion, connecting multiple times with unpredictable Uranus, which can be destabilizing and anxiety provoking if you’re not mindful and proactive. It’s easy to get sucked into fear-based stories and drama, so your job is to stay grounded in the present moment and easy does it with TMI (social media, news, etc).

We are in the wake of dramatic changes that have already occurred from the Mercury-Uranus conjunction, which will be ending by Sunday night. Shockwaves ripple through our consciousness and the collective, shaking things up. Think of a snow-globe that’s been turned upside down…

The higher energy is to reconsider where you put your attention, what you think and how you respond, staying open to new ideas and perspectives. This energy invites a twist, so don’t be a stick in the mud! Open up and be a “proactive stabilizer.”

Today Mars (action) and Jupiter (expansion) are in harmony, giving you some get up and go – and I recommend you use this energy well! Whatever you decide to do today, you have a great chance for making it work if you do it right. And there’s more support…

Saturn (structure) is in harmony with Uranus (change) all month, offering a creative balance between the old and the new. This energy supports tasks that require disciplined action and patience, as long as they lead to creative change. With the Taurus Sun and Saturn trining Uranus, there is solid ground to stand on.

With the North Node in Leo for the next 18 months, let me remind you that this is about your Self-expression, coming out of hiding and stepping forward in your life! You need to be the Director of your life, not a passenger being swept along by the needs and wants of others.

What needs to change in order for you to align with this intention? Think about it, so you can be ready to begin something on the New Moon in Gemini on May 25th.

This time on planet earth is dynamic and daring – and better to be proactive rather than protective. When you feel the need for protection, it either activates aggression or contraction, neither of which brings out the best in you.

Create an intention and a direction. It will keep you focused on moving forward, no matter how you do it. Every single step counts in your growth, care and well being – and the world will benefit from your growth and creations as well.

Namaste, Pioneers. Find the courage to contribute your gifts to this new frontier!

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