Current Astro Events – May 10, 2019

We continue along in practical, earthy Taurus, ready to create greater security, comfort and pleasure. The realm of the Bull brings your focus to the material world, seeking the resources you need to feel safe.

Remember, living on the edge is NOT aligned with Taurus – security rules, and it’s an ideal time to work on nurturing seeds you’ve planted so they can develop into something of value for you. Also, Taurus is sensual and truly appreciates body-centered rest and relaxation, so build in what feeds and rejuvenates you.

Choose mindful rest as an act of Self-love (soft sheets, comfy pillows, cozy space, a hammock in the backyard, a walk in the park, massage), flowers, nice fabrics and a delicious meal or snack. Give yourself the luxury treatment (healthy things that feel good) as a spiritual practice.

Today Saturn (structure) is in harmony with the North Node of Destiny, which supports you in releasing old rules or agreements you’ve been operating by that have limited your life, in order to step out of that box and open to a whole new picture. BIG!

Feel how/where you have held yourself hostage by thinking things have to be “this” way (fill in the blank). It’s an opportunity to consider other possibilities – where you may have an “aha!”. Journal. Your Higher Self can come through if you write without editing yourself. It’s wild when you’re able to see beyond your South Node “box” (karmic past).

The Sun trines Pluto on Mon, May 13, empowering you to use your magic and make something happen! Drop the doubts, focus on your intention and take action to manifest a dream, or at the least, advance your cause.

Tues, May 14 is another good day for creative actions and activities, with Venus sextile Mars (yin/yang in harmony). Fabulous creative energy for productivity or just have fun, play, be with a partner – it’s all good!

Major energy shift on Wed, May 15, as Venus leaves fiery Aries to enter her home sign of sensual, earth-mother Taurus. Venus in Taurus facilitates money-making activities, so use this energy for any needed tweaks or plans for your future.

An aside, those with Venus in Taurus give the best presents – they are so thoughtful, generous and creative, with beautiful wrapping and gorgeous cards. Lucky you if you have Venus in Taurus or if you’re loved by one who does! <3

Mercury (mind) is sextile intuitive Neptune, which is perfect for writing and creative activities such as filmmaking, story-telling, channeling and other creative forms of communicating or receiving info. If you’re creating a product, show, program, brainstorming or visioning your future, allow yourself space to dream and download your next steps.

Next, Mars (action) enters sensitive Cancer thru July, making your actions more focused and intuitive – and definitely not confrontational. Along with Venus in Taurus, Mars in Cancer softens the energy and makes your approach more gentle moving forward. Taurus and Cancer are both feminine, receptive signs.

On Thur, May 16 Mercury trines Saturn which grounds ideas in reality, providing the perfect support for making plans, putting plans into action, writing a proposal, a treatment, a book, article, essay, creating a class, contract or document that’s important to you. Saturn is time, commitment structure, your Authority, and things that last. Yes, yes, yes!

This week is ripe for building, creating, planning and manifesting. After all the challenging energies we’ve been through over the last few months, it’s a relief to have fertile ground, ripe for creating, as our container.

Enjoy, create and treat yourself extra lovingly!


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