Current Astro Events – March 9, ’12

We are rocketing into an ocean of various and seemingly contradictory energies in the coming week. A positive attitude, calm presence, and big picture vision will enable you to stay afloat and be productive regardless of what’s going on around you.

Grand Earth Trine – Jupiter, Pluto & Mars

Jupiter, Mars and Pluto are connected harmoniously in Earth signs for the first three weeks of March which activates expansion and transformation to empower you in profound ways!

Earth signs are the practical signs of manifesting and making things real, providing you with an opportunity to bring your bright ideas down to earth. This is a good time to plant seeds so you can launch new projects when the Retrogrades are finished next month.

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

Venus (love, $$, what makes life worth living) and Jupiter (abundance) connect in sensual, pleasure-loving Taurus this week. What a perfect recipe for enjoyment, heart opening, and indulgence!

Whether you get a $$ bonus, meet a new love interest, get a puppy, a bouquet of flowers or have a makeover – this is a time for happy, joyful experiences of abundance, material and otherwise. Be mindful that you don’t overdo it, if that is your tendency.

Babies that are born this week will have this energy in their charts for life, along with the power manifesting trio above (what a blessing!).

Mercury Retrograde – March 13 to April 5, ’12

Mercury goes Retrograde again for three weeks, giving you the opportunity to review, revise and make course corrections wherever needed. Take a breath and don’t be in a hurry – the energy doesn’t support rushing into anything.

Deliberate actions (not impulsive!), spiritual practices that connect you to your center, and flexibility will provide you with a foundation that will support and guide you during this time.

The willingness to open to new ways of seeing things will serve you well. Wherever you have difficulty, slow down and get another viewpoint (from yourself or ask someone else). Maybe there’s a new way of looking at a situation that will totally open it up for you! Don’t get stuck when something isn’t working…

Get my free Mercury Retrograde report if you don’t already have it so you can be prepared to make the best use of Mercury Retrograde. Back up all your electronic files now and use this period to clear clutter, reorganize, make amends and be ready to go when the energy moves forward again!

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