Current Astro Events – March 8, 2019

We flow along with three planets in Pisces and Mercury Retrograde in the closing weeks of winter, just before the Spring Equinox and Full Moon on March 20/21. This is an extended liminal phase, an in-between quiet time for contemplation, feelings, dreams and visions. Whatever comes up in your consciousness is a message for you, so pay attention.

Endings, turning points and directions for next steps may be present for you. Trust your intuition – and for major decisions, wait for clarity and reliable data (after Mercury Retrograde, if possible) before committing.

You may not be clear about exactly where you stand, what’s next, or timing. Mercury Retrograde and all the Pisces/Neptune energy unwinds structures and can create confusion, that is actually opening space in your consciousness for new insights, revelations or ideas to emerge.

If you feel unclear, don’t panic or think something is terribly wrong. It may be inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to be a problem. It’s an undoing; a function that ultimately creates new openings, but the in between (liminal) space can feel like nothing productive is happening. And your mind says that you should be doing something. Now.

Here’s a way to be with the energy so you don’t resist what’s trying to happen FOR you. Open to your inner spaciousness, do the next right thing (you’ll know what that is) and practice being relaxed. The state of non-doing is not effortful, but letting go of control in a state of witnessing and presence with what is.

Mind your intake (media, gossip, toxic/fear-based info) to keep your heart open and to avoid contraction. Think: All is well in my world. That’s a perspective and an intention you can say upon awakening and throughout the day to remind yourself of your intention. It’s not a spiritual bypass (fantasyland) – it’s a deliberate choice.

If you have anxiety, worry or other lower expressions of Pisces that takes you down seek help, guidance and care to restore your balance. Fear lowers your vibration – and it can be healed.

Pisces is Divine Love – compassion and empathy without judgment. Stay high, love yourself and move slowly. The energy will pick up when the Sun moves into Aries, so enjoy a rest from the space of “All is well.”

You can still be productive as needed, but from a space of positive, peaceful, connected attention and actions. Do your best and stay high.

Wishing you a harmonious flow as you move through the week that gently propels you forward.

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