Current Astro Events – March 7, ’14

Pisces flow

Decisions, decisions… you may feel like you have many to make today – and you may be lacking the clarity you need in order to feel comfortable making them. 

If so, get out of your head and drop into your heart. Feel where you’re meant to be and consider the big picture. Reach out and connect; be brave and be bold. You’ll thank yourself :)) 

The sun is still in the dreamy, sensitive sign of Pisces and we “spring forward” on Saturday night, losing an hour of sleep and moving into Daylight Savings Time (except for AZ).

This offers an extra hour of daylight in the evening (nice!), but your body’s circadian rhythm may need to adjust, so create space for an early bedtime or late wakeup over the weekend if you’re sleep sensitive. Self-care is always an act of self-love.

The energy has been shifting over the past week, with Mars and Saturn Retrograde, giving you the opportunity for course corrections and do-overs with work issues and the way you move forward in life. 

These Retrogrades support projects and relationships already in process, but any slowdowns you experience come with the territory. Patience and perseverance will serve you well during this time.

Because Mars is in Libra, relationships and relationship patterns are ripe for reconfiguring and renegotiating. Embrace the opportunity to raise your level of responsibility for your behavior and for getting your needs met. Don’t expect others to fill in your empty or deficient spaces. You do it! It will make things better all around :))

At the same time, expansive Jupiter has just turned Direct, encouraging you to stretch forward rather than settling for what’s easy or currently available. You will never feel truly fulfilled until you align with what’s deeply meaningful for you, so it’s worth the effort.

Envision the big picture you have for yourself and your life. Commit to your inner convictions, expand and use your highest ideals to motivate you and pull you forward.

This is a worthwhile journey – this is WHY you’re here!



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