Current Astro Events – March 4, 2022

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March 4 – We begin the week with the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune in compassionate Pisces, reminding us that we ALL are One, which we are experiencing via our collective grief at the unprovoked violence Russia is unleashing on the citizens of Ukraine. I pray this tragedy will wake us up from the trance of separation that we’ve been under in this country and bring us together again.

On March 4-5 we have one of the best aspects of the month, as Jupiter conjoins the Pisces Sun, which can lift your spirits and expand your horizons – or magnify whatever is already there (which applies to the current conflict abroad, unfortunately). 

To maximize your experience, do something special or inspiring and be willing to stretch beyond your usual day to day, if possible. This is an opportunity to broaden your perspective, open to a new experience, reach for a dream or grow. This is a day to go big, either with something meaningful for you or by having fun – and to keep the faith, knowing that you create your future, moment by moment. Your high ideals are your North Star. Be proactive to make the most of the potential available to you!

Mars moves from methodical Capricorn into Aquarius on March 6, with an eye on ideas for new ways of moving into the future. Hours later, Venus finally leaves Capricorn (there since Nov ’21!) to enter Aquarius too, seeking equality, the Greater Good, with new values and progressive solutions for relating to others. Aquarius is an air sign with a focus on technology, space, science and innovation, that will serve humanity. This is the direction in which we are going.

Venus and Mars meet at 0º Aquarius on March 6, activating dynamic relationships that include space, independence and inclusivity, as well as diversity. Aquarius is open to the new, revolutionary, unique and unconventional, as well as group energy. What will serve you going forward? Think about what you want – and what you want to call in for the relationships in your life.

Venus-Mars is a creative duo and in Aquarius, art and artists are highlighted, and maybe art that is funded with crypto or NFT-related payments and commerce. Venus rules $ too, so new forms of $ transactions apply to Venus in Aquarius ($ that flies through the air). If you’re an artist or a creative, explore new realms within your medium, modality or community to pursue a “next level” experience. Or at least see what’s going on out there in this ever-changing world. Don’t get stuck in old-school tradition. It’s time to revolutionize or at the least, be aware of what’s new!

On March 9 Mercury leaves Aquarius and moves into dreamy Pisces thru March 27, facilitating intuitive pursuits, creative writing, storytelling, script writing for movies and all nonlinear processes. Mercury in Pisces is gifted at languages, mimicry, channeling, automatic writing, and journaling, as well as spiritual counseling. Use this time for spiritual practices, retreats, artist’s dates or creative pursuits. This is not the time for bookkeeping or focusing on detailed data – handle that prior to the 9th. 

This week we are anchoring in new energies for the future, with Venus-Mars at 0º Aquarius, the same degree where Jupiter and Saturn met in Dec ’20, lifting us out of the heavy Capricorn energy of 2020. The promise of the future is in the air, as the old structures are crumbling and dissolving. Focus on your vision for yourself and the world. Please be compassionate to everyone, beginning with your Self. 

We are All ONE. I am sharing a song I learned when I was a ministerial student at One Spirit Interfaith Seminary in NYC in 2001-03, shared by our beloved Spiritual Director, Diane Berke. It is called “Everything is God” by Lory Lazarus & The Manhattan Children’s Theatre Company. 

The innocence and sweetness is what is often missing in the media that we don’t get to see and hear enough of – the goodness that is all around us. So here it is:

Everything is God – click here

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together. xo 

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