Current Astro Events – March 29, 2019

Here’s our paradoxical setup: now that Mercury has turned forward, ALL planets are Direct until Jupiter Retrogrades on April 11. Meanwhile, the Sun is in action-packed Aries, hot to trot and ready to go! However the runway is not clear for the take-off you may have been hoping for.

It usually takes a few days post-Retrograde for Mercury to pick up steam, and Mercury is still traveling with Neptune in Pisces, holding the linear mind hostage, submerged in a foggy lens of illusory energy.

You don’t always know what is real, so hold info lightly – but it is a perfect time to focus on your dreams, for personal exploration and spiritual practices.

You can gain insights that will inform your path forward, so make use of these creative multi-dimensional cues. And Venus is now in Pisces, adding Divine Love to the mix. Very beautiful and uplifting.

Contracting in reaction to the Neptunian energy is counter-productive. Expand your vision and tap into what calls to you. Get support if you feel lost, confused or overwhelmed. Remember, being disoriented means that some structure is unwinding for you, internally or externally.

Transformation is a deconstruction and rebuild that can leave you feeling vulnerable. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar space, just do the next right thing for you. And follow your intuition – it will lead you to the right people, places and things. And even if you don’t get the results you expect, everything you experience is for your benefit, sooner or later.

All week Pluto (transformation) is conjunct the South Node (past) with both flanked by serious Saturn. Heavy. And it’s about being faced with some old non-working structure/pattern and being asked to let it go or maybe it just ends. Pluto is power and Saturn is your Authority. What is interfering with these aspects in your life (if anything)?

You may have to do some deep work to discover what’s happening for you or you may already be clear about what you’re being asked to do. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy, so once again, I urge you to get support if you need it. You are not meant to mentor yourself – and who decided that DIY is the way to go?! It’s so much easier with help!

So where does this leave you? With all planets Direct, use this opportunity for creating forward or making a move, knowing that adjustments may have to be made later if new info is revealed that colors the playing field (Mercury-Neptune). You can handle it.

If your life is coasting along smoothly this may not apply to you. But if

you are in the midst of a shift, something is happening and it will serve you to direct the energy toward what feels right for you. Your Higher Self guidance is your GPS, so tune in and use it. Yes-no. Right for me or not?

You will know, each step of the way. Gently. And take methodical actions, rather than trying to push your way through. There may be a karmic situation that is beyond anything you are aware of at play, but you signed up to be here and in this game now. Trust the process.

We agreed to be in this together. Thank goodness. Off we go..

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